There Is Something To Learn From The People Of Israel

269The world is now in conditions that did not exist in the time of Ben Gurion or Herzl: frustration, helplessness, growing global crisis, climate and technological one, crisis of everything man-made.

We must understand why everything we have done turns to our detriment and how we can change the course of history that steadily brings us closer to the abyss.

Usually such situations lead to wars. If it were not for nuclear weapons, there would already be a war in the world. However, precisely the fact that many countries possess such powerful weapons serves as a restriction.

The only one solution is to work with the force of bestowal and unity if we do not want to come to total destruction. Every sane person understands that war is not an option. Therefore, there is only one thing left: think about how we can compel ourselves and all countries and nations to soften our egoism and come closer to each other. After all, we see that any other path leads to death.

We have a solution that comes from nature itself, which purposely leads us to a dead end in order to leave us no other choice but connection. And first of all, we need to unite the people of Israel.

This movement for connection is unlike anything that has happened before. First, we come to it out of hopelessness—nature obliges us to it. Second, it is unique because of the result that we want to see from this connection. Nature will forcefully bring us to a different kind of coexistence with nature.

You can disagree with this and consider it naive, but in the end life will compel every person to change their attitude to these words. At the same time, perception will change, they will hear what they could not hear before, they will understand what they did not understand before, and we will move forward.

There will be no peace in the world if the people of Israel do not reach the correct connection above all disagreements among people so that love will cover all crimes. If we do this, then all the nations of the world will follow our example and recognize that there is something to learn from the people of Israel, namely, the law of love your neighbor as yourself.
From KabTV’s “The Writers Meeting” 10/17/21

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