The People Of Israel And A Biased Court

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), the properties of judgment (Dinim) come to power. What are they?

Answer: We want to bestow, but we are unable to. It’s as if something holds us and doesn’t let us. This something is a revelation of the properties of judgment, a restriction.

We feel these properties when planning to do good deeds. Our bad actions, on the contrary, have no limits. We can be as wicked as we want. But with bestowal, it is a big problem for us. As soon as we become concerned with any selfless good deed, we immediately have doubts, calculations, conditions, and limits. We simply are incapable of sharing or giving away anything at all… That’s what the properties of judgment are.

Question: How can we be rid of these restrictions? After all, this is what people think about during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Answer: If the people of Israel would really want to remove these restraints, they would ask for deliverance of the forces that prevent them from committing good deeds and that prevent them from being good and loving to their neighbors, if we cried about our inability to live in a state of a mutual guarantee, to maintain an atmosphere of brotherhood, and to love our friends, everything would be different today.

However, the situation is what it is: Our people are rejected, hated, and surrounded by enemies on all sides. The whole world is against us and the accusations pour relentlessly from all sides. Other nations are pardoned despite their heinous crimes that often don’t even hit the headlines. But Israel is in the focus of a watchful eye, and even the tiniest faults provoke cries of outrage all over the world. Why is that so?

If the people of Israel don’t stick to true qualities of judgment, they get restricted. No appeals to justice will help them. For something that others would be lightly criticized, Israel will be blamed, prosecuted, and punished. Because this nation has a special mission and comparison to others is useless.

And yet, people do not understand this. When they pray for something for the next year, they don’t ask for bestowal, but rather request good earnings. That’s why even bigger troubles will await us in the next year. We will face much tougher qualities of judgment that will be heavily aggravated by the “time of Messiah” that has already come, when we have to aspire to unity and mutual connection. Nature (the Creator) forces us to unite and demonstrate our unity to the entire world. However, in our prayers to the Creator, we ask Him to fill our personal pockets rather than our common vessel. We need money and power. For how long will it go on?

If we desired to bestow but lacked this ability, we would feel internal restrictions—our own flaws that prevent us from giving. Then, we would receive the Reforming Light. The main prayer in Rosh Hashanah is to see the Creator on the throne. And yet what is “the Creator” if not the quality of bestowal and love? Do we really elevate this property to sit on the “throne”? Of course not! We cherish different values.

This process takes time, but we cannot wait any longer. We have to educate and enlighten people since the time has already come.

So far, we do accept the Creator’s requirements into our personal account. On the contrary, with each day we retreat from them more and more…
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/13, Shamati #122

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