The Secret Of Immortality Of The Jewish People, Part 3

Laitman_931-01The secret of eternity of the Jewish people is in their connection with the Upper Light. Throughout their history, lasting 5,777 years, starting from Adam, they are connected with the upper force. When these people don’t implement their connection and, therefore don’t draw the Upper Light in a sufficient quantity, they receive blows from it.

If the Upper Light isn’t revealed enough in the people of Israel, they are bombarded by miseries and troubles and are attacked by haters and enemies. Conversely, if the people of Israel strengthen their unity, the Upper Light comes closer to them, giving them a good life.

All other nations come and go, replacing each other in history. No other nation was preserved in its original state from ancient Babylon, and only the people of Israel are eternal. Nature is arranged so that if the Jews fulfill their mission, the Light emanates from them to the other nations, and everything calms down due to it.

However, if the people of Israel don’t obey the instructions of nature; in other words, they don’t work on their connection according to the conditions given to them, the Upper Light moves away from them. Then, the illumination of the Upper Light doesn’t go through the people of Israel to the other nations, and they blame the Jewish people for it.

The nations of the world are “consumers” of the Upper Light. The people of Israel must be a channel for it, and the Light itself comes from the Creator. Therefore, all three of them work together.

The Creator strikes the people of Israel, urging them to unite and receive the Upper Light from Him in order to pass it to the nations of the world, and the nations of the world relate to the Jewish people either with friendliness, with kindness, or completely the opposite, depending on their efforts to bring the Light to them.

This is how it works. The Jews stand between the Upper Light and the nations of the world, and therefore, they suffer from the blows from above and from below. However, even in the most difficult times, even after the Holocaust that was intended to destroy Jewish people completely according to the Nazi plan, these people have still remained.

They can’t disappear. After all, without them, all other people would not be able to reveal the Creator. This revelation can come to them only through the people of Israel. Therefore, the entire world blames the Jews, and the Creator also raises a claim to them because they are not fulfilling their mission.

The secret of the eternity of the Jewish people is in the fact that they are engaged in the realization of the program of nature. Material immortality means that this nation exists, hasn’t disappeared, and hasn’t been replaced by another nation.

However, this is a temporary immortality since our entire world is temporary and given to us for a period of 6,000 years that will be over soon. Until then, we must unite as one people. At the end of this process, all the nations will achieve eternity, not the material, but the spiritual one.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/13/16

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