The Secret Of Immortality Of The Jewish People, Part 2

laitman_749_02Question: Is it correct to say that a Jew is a symbol of eternity and because of this, these people survived all the trials that fell to their lot and will live forever?

Answer: Any person can become a Jew if he wants to join us. It doesn’t matter what nationality he is and what color of skin he has.

A Jew is something above nature. The Jew is an ideology of rising above our egoistic nature and connecting with others. A person wishing to achieve unity of people (Yichud) and to live in it is called a Jew (Yehudi). Therefore, after becoming a Jew, a person loses all the characteristics of this world, such as nationality and past relationships; he or she becomes a new person.

Question: Is there a guarantee of eternal life to everyone who aspires to unity?

Answer: Everyone who works according to the original method of Kabbalah, using original sources, and who achieves unity, reveals within himself a connection with the upper force that is called the Creator (Boreh), which means “come and see” (Bo-Reh). And in fact, we do “come” to a state and achieve revelation and “see” in it.

Then we are really called the Jews, the people of the Creator, because by uniting between us we provide a vessel for the upper force where it can connect with us. This way we begin to feel our unity and connection with the Creator. This is called the attainment of the upper world.

Question: Why does the principle of unity that is the basis of the Jewish people protect them and prevents them from disappearing?

Answer: Our forefathers, the founders of the Jewish people, began this process. They rose above earthly egoism and preferred unity above separation. Through all generations they aspired to unity, and this made them similar to the Creator; the Upper Light that influenced them was stronger or weaker depending on the importance of unity to them.

We can’t separate the fate of the nation from its purpose, its responsibility to achieve full and universal unity. At the time when they aspired to unity, their fate was good, and as soon as they were destroying this unity, they fell immediately and suffered from enemy attacks. Their lives became terrible.

The history of the Jewish people goes back almost 6,000 years, from the “first man” Adam who was first to reveal this secret and to start talking about unity and connection. It is clear that throughout their entire history, the fate of the Jewish people depended completely on their unity.

Since this nation always aspired to connection and was connected with the upper force, it was called eternal and passed through centuries. At the same time, it also suffered much more than all other nations. Although this nation is immortal, it receives blows all the time.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains this by the fact that at any time in their history that the Jewish people weren’t aspiring to unity and drawing the Reforming Light hard enough; therefore, the Light wasn’t strong enough to correct them and dwell in them.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/13/16

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