Where Does The Soul Go After Death?

Laitman_707Question: Where does a person’s soul go after death?

Answer: After death, the soul doesn’t go anywhere because it is not found in a person!

Question: But people often say that “the soul hurts.”

Answer: In general, what they mean is that sorrow and longing are gnawing at a person.

If what you mean are the physiological and psychological states in a person, they truly do accompany our body, and when the body dies, they disappear. But basically, this is talking about the transition from one type of matter to another type of matter according to the law of the conservation of energy, entropy. So, there is nothing to worry about. Nothing disappears anywhere. It simply passes from one form to another.

That is also how it is with a person. If a particular internal change in form occurs in a person while he exists in this world, then he will begin to feel himself as existing in another state, in another dimension. This is called “moving from one world to another world,” but it is only the wisdom of Kabbalah that makes it possible to do this.

It is customary to think that when a person’s body dies, his soul disappears somewhere. However, this is not a soul, but a vital force that animates our body that remains to exist only in a spiritual form, in a form that is called a Reshimo (Reminiscence). After that, it becomes clothed in another physical body that develops according to the given Reshimo.

This spiritual parameter determines the characteristics of the body because the body must see its mission, which is to be fully compatible with the soul and those levels of development through which it must move. Each one of us has a Reshimo, not just people, but all creatures: still, vegetative, and animate. But, all in all, this is a Reshimo.

From this point of recorded spiritual information, a spiritual state, a soul, can either evolve or not evolve. It depends on the person, how he realizes himself.

However, our body is not considered as existing independently. It possesses no value except that it must accompany and help in the development of the soul.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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  1. Will we see our family members and our spouse after death even if it is some years latter

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