Fear Of Death And Incarnations

Laitman_709Question: What in me is afraid of death?

Answer: My physical body is not afraid of death, the ego is. It is afraid of not being able to fill itself and raise itself to the level of simple existence.

The matter is that when our egoistic desires receive pleasure, then death is already felt. In the actions of the ego, in its use, it is felt that everything has ended in the rejection of the light from within it, meaning, its death. Thus it can never be filled. Each filling for the ego, is to come closer to death.

Question: What is there after death?

Answer: Nothing. The physical body ceases to exist, but the Reshimot (spiritual information) remain. On the corporeal level they have realized something in a certain way, at a certain time, in certain circumstances.

But their spiritual level of implementation has not yet taken place since a person has not yet reached this level. Therefore, he has to go through different circumstances.

After one begins the next incarnation of the soul in a newly born body, then again a long line of growth is carried out, during which the unconscious correction of Reshimot is carried out. And then again a person is given the opportunity to reach the level of development of his soul, meaning reaching the level of desire to bestow as against the desire to receive.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/17/15

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