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Selfishness From The Point Of View Of Kabbalah

281.01In the News (The New York Times):Sigmund Freud gave us a psychology of selfishness. Children, he wrote, ‘are completely egoistic; they feel their needs intensely and strive ruthlessly to satisfy them.’”

Question: How would you define selfishness in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: Freud’s definition concerns only the framework of our world, the framework of earthly egoism. And if a person tries to rise above himself, then he reveals against this a completely different type of egoism, a higher one.

He begins to understand that this is his inner nature, over which he can rise only if he touches the force that controls all of nature, so that it changes him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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The Selfishness Of The Elites And The Impotence Of The Masses

273.02Question: Group egoism within the state can first develop into national egoism, which leads to conflicts on ethnic grounds. Then it develops into external state egoism, when a separately taken state begins to consider itself special. How correct is the position in which one country can take responsibility for the world following its own egoism? It’s hard to believe that it really cares about the world.

Answer: Naturally. If we do not correct a person, a mass of people, a people, a state, according to some parameters of ideals, then we will never be able to take care of the world. We will always have a problem with the fact that we have to put pressure on each other, suppress each other in a small group of people, and in a country, and between countries.

Question: Elites are also a group. Today’s elites in every country exist on the basis of some kind of tacit social contract where the bulk of people take a position in which the advantages and preferences of this narrow group are taken for granted. What do you think about this?

Answer: There is nothing to think about. Indeed, there is such and nothing can be done about it.

Comment: But ultimately the bulk of the world’s population may violate this agreement, they may not agree.

My Response: How? It is absolutely unorganized, it  does not have the strength, capabilities, nor the means, so it will have to submit to this.

Question: But this mass accepts the rule according to which a narrow group of people in each country uses the main benefits, economic opportunities, and everyone else is forced to live in accordance with what they get. And do you think that this kind of state of affairs can persist for a long time?

Answer: It has remained this way for thousands of years. There is no way out. There is no solution to this! Those who have money and the army in their hands will never agree to give up their privileges to the masses, while the masses generally have no opportunity to take them and command this since those in power surround themselves with the right people, and the world spins forward so calmly. Why should it change?

Question: That is, you do not believe in the existence of some kind of higher justice that should lead people to some kind of uniformity and availability of material wealth. So how can we talk about love for each other here? How can you love your neighbor, who for some reason has more opportunities than you?

Answer: This does not depend on wealth and on who manages the enterprises and divides the dollars among themselves. It all depends on how the masses will understand that changing the world consists of changing a person; it does not depend on religion, money, or strength, but only from the people themselves. And therefore, if people want to, they will be able to change the world precisely according to their new attitudes.
From KabTV’s “Conversations” 11/1/2021

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“King Of The City”

630.2Question: What does “the king of the city” mean?

Answer: It is written, “There is no capital without a leader.” Therefore, the king of the city is the upper leader, the master of the city, that is, of some part of the population of the country, which is in his full control.

Question: If we are talking about the kings of the cities of the seven nations, then they must be the most egoistic ones, right?

Answer: Every king should represent the nation that is under his control.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/13/21

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What Is The Meaning Of Our Reality?

537Question: What is the meaning of our reality?

Answer: The meaning of our reality is that we start revealing the highest true reality inside of it.

It is absolutely opposite to ours, it is based on the property of bestowal, love, and connection. And we, in order to comprehend it, must enter the period of the conflict of opposites.

That is, our egoism opposes us in this, but thanks to its opposition,  called “help against you,” we can cognize the highest reality.

Comment: In the phrase “help against you,” one part kind of cancels the other.

My Response: But it is necessary to realize that it is in this way that we rise above ourselves. But this is not the reality that you see in your egoism. You must begin to feel the second reality, which is higher than egoism. And it is thanks to the opposition of these two realities that you will be able to find the tools to control your destiny.

Question: Do you lead those who begin to study Kabbalah to this concept?

Answer: We lead them there literally from the first lesson. But what they hear and when they begin to perceive and realize it, this really depends on the people.

This is a special language—the language of understanding, the language of internal adjustment to what is said.

Question: So this breakthrough should take place? Do you need to cross this border?

Answer: Yes. It takes a long time. Sometimes ten years or more.

Today this is done in such a world that I think a real person will not be afraid of it. He will understand what is included in serious science. And in order to realize such things in oneself, it really takes several years.

This science is not easy, but it is the science of the foundation of our world. It doesn’t owe you anything, and you don’t owe it anything either. This is the same as studying any technical science: physics, chemistry, no matter what. That is, if you can learn, you can use it. If you can’t, then you cannot. This is your business.

There are no conditions here. There are no entrance exams, nothing. You want to do that? Go ahead. But keep in mind that at best you will still understand that nature is much deeper than we imagine it, and it is so magnificent and endless, not within our understanding, that it is worth trying to reveal it. At the same time, you expand the horizons of your life in time, in sensations, in space, in everything.

Question: You always say that this is the science of life. What do you mean by that?

Answer: This is the science that explains who we are, what we are, why, how we live, and how we exist. And the main thing is the science of who controls us. And this is the most important thing.

Question: And if I feel it, then what will happen to me?

Answer: Then you can control yourself, your destiny.

Come and try it. We do not invite you, we offer this to you.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/19/21

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Seven Nations—Seven Alien Desires

243.01Question: What does “the seven nations inhabiting the land of Israel” mean?

Answer: The seven nations are those desires that have not yet found their correction, the correct intention to the Creator.

The land of Israel before the arrival of the Jews was inhabited and other people lived in it. As we see from the books of Prophets, the people of Israel who came here were supposed to drive them out. This was done in accordance with the directions and commandments.

In the internal, spiritual sense, the exit of the sons of Israel from Egypt, i.e., from their egoism, the passage of the Red Sea, then the desert, and other barriers mean certain stages of their rise above their egoism. Then, after forty years [the ascent from Malchut to Bina (mercy)], they felt that they had the opportunity to take possession of the level of Bina.

But at the same time, they discovered that when they were included in Bina, they felt the desires of supposedly foreign people, new egoistic properties, in themselves. Therefore, they had to subdue these properties, correct them, after which they became sovereignly existing at the level of the land of Israel, at the level of desires striving towards the Creator.

In other words, having reached the level of Bina, they felt that they have seven desires, seven nations, inhabiting the land of Israel that need to be expelled.

All this happens only with the desires of a person. There is nothing but desires. Now they are depicting our corporeal world for us and then they will draw the upper world.

Question: What does it mean to conquer these seven nations (seven desires)?

Answer: Change them from egoistic to altruistic.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/13/21

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Why Should We Keep Our Individuality?

962.2Question: Why should we keep our individuality when we annul ourselves between us?

Answer: We don’t keep anything. I simply want to resemble the Creator. Whatever changes in me at the same time makes no difference. This is the only thing I try to attain.

Question: But a person still loses his individuality.

Answer: We don’t have any individuality. What individuality is there in me? In what way am I special? In the revelations of my ego?! There is nothing special about it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/15/19

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