Correcting The Land Of Canaan

749.01When the people entered the land of Israel, they began to conquer city after city, king after king. But there are still many places to be captured.

To capture means to want to conquer these lands, these peoples, i.e., the egoistic desires in us, to connect them with each other, to direct them to the only goal—the intention for the sake of the Creator, for the sake of global unity, for mutual connection and love. This consists of moving forward and winning.

Question: Why is this possible in the land of Israel?

Answer: Because the land symbolizes egoism, and correction occurs in the egoism itself. Until this land is corrected and begins to flow with milk and honey, it is called the land of Canaan.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/2/21

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