The Selfishness Of The Elites And The Impotence Of The Masses

273.02Question: Group egoism within the state can first develop into national egoism, which leads to conflicts on ethnic grounds. Then it develops into external state egoism, when a separately taken state begins to consider itself special. How correct is the position in which one country can take responsibility for the world following its own egoism? It’s hard to believe that it really cares about the world.

Answer: Naturally. If we do not correct a person, a mass of people, a people, a state, according to some parameters of ideals, then we will never be able to take care of the world. We will always have a problem with the fact that we have to put pressure on each other, suppress each other in a small group of people, and in a country, and between countries.

Question: Elites are also a group. Today’s elites in every country exist on the basis of some kind of tacit social contract where the bulk of people take a position in which the advantages and preferences of this narrow group are taken for granted. What do you think about this?

Answer: There is nothing to think about. Indeed, there is such and nothing can be done about it.

Comment: But ultimately the bulk of the world’s population may violate this agreement, they may not agree.

My Response: How? It is absolutely unorganized, it  does not have the strength, capabilities, nor the means, so it will have to submit to this.

Question: But this mass accepts the rule according to which a narrow group of people in each country uses the main benefits, economic opportunities, and everyone else is forced to live in accordance with what they get. And do you think that this kind of state of affairs can persist for a long time?

Answer: It has remained this way for thousands of years. There is no way out. There is no solution to this! Those who have money and the army in their hands will never agree to give up their privileges to the masses, while the masses generally have no opportunity to take them and command this since those in power surround themselves with the right people, and the world spins forward so calmly. Why should it change?

Question: That is, you do not believe in the existence of some kind of higher justice that should lead people to some kind of uniformity and availability of material wealth. So how can we talk about love for each other here? How can you love your neighbor, who for some reason has more opportunities than you?

Answer: This does not depend on wealth and on who manages the enterprises and divides the dollars among themselves. It all depends on how the masses will understand that changing the world consists of changing a person; it does not depend on religion, money, or strength, but only from the people themselves. And therefore, if people want to, they will be able to change the world precisely according to their new attitudes.
From KabTV’s “Conversations” 11/1/2021

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