Seven Nations—Seven Alien Desires

243.01Question: What does “the seven nations inhabiting the land of Israel” mean?

Answer: The seven nations are those desires that have not yet found their correction, the correct intention to the Creator.

The land of Israel before the arrival of the Jews was inhabited and other people lived in it. As we see from the books of Prophets, the people of Israel who came here were supposed to drive them out. This was done in accordance with the directions and commandments.

In the internal, spiritual sense, the exit of the sons of Israel from Egypt, i.e., from their egoism, the passage of the Red Sea, then the desert, and other barriers mean certain stages of their rise above their egoism. Then, after forty years [the ascent from Malchut to Bina (mercy)], they felt that they had the opportunity to take possession of the level of Bina.

But at the same time, they discovered that when they were included in Bina, they felt the desires of supposedly foreign people, new egoistic properties, in themselves. Therefore, they had to subdue these properties, correct them, after which they became sovereignly existing at the level of the land of Israel, at the level of desires striving towards the Creator.

In other words, having reached the level of Bina, they felt that they have seven desires, seven nations, inhabiting the land of Israel that need to be expelled.

All this happens only with the desires of a person. There is nothing but desires. Now they are depicting our corporeal world for us and then they will draw the upper world.

Question: What does it mean to conquer these seven nations (seven desires)?

Answer: Change them from egoistic to altruistic.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/13/21

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