From Historic Individuality To Collective Intelligence

263Question: Collective intelligence and group effects are forgotten wisdom. Once our ancestors used this knowledge and then they were forgotten for many years. Today science reveals that it turns out that the crowd, oddly enough, has wisdom, and the collective intelligence can be much greater than that of individuals.

Why has this wisdom been forgotten and only today are we beginning to discover and use it?

Answer: Previously, humanity did not need collectivity. It first developed toward individuality, egoistic isolation of the individual, and the opposition of the individual and the collective.

In such cases, the individual personality always wins, because strong people who know how to manage, indicate, win, pull ahead, and lead the society. Therefore, society reaches out for them, is ready to bow before them, since it is easier for the collective to exist this way.

People differ in their level of selfishness. Therefore, the most selfish rush forward. The so-called “role of the individual in history” is very important in the development of human society. Indeed, thousands of years passed before we evolved to the decline of this trend. The role of the individual is beginning to disappear and be replaced by the collective.

We see it everywhere: in businesses, in sports, in groups. We came to the conclusion that a group that carries the power of unification, although it consists of many people, is a person. It is a group that is able to create something new and rush forward.

Remark: Humanity has been developing since the primitive communal system when people sat around a fire and decided everything together. Then 500 to 600 years ago, during the Renaissance, there was a surge in personality development. And today you say that the time of individuality is passing and collective development begins.

My Comment: The team is like an individual.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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