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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

By annulling myself to the group, I receive the upper force from it, which influences and awakens me. I was below everyone, but now with the force received from the group, I influence everyone else, becoming like the Creator for them. First I received from the friends as Malchut, and now I bestow to them as Keter.

I am below and the friends are above. That is how we lift each other up, like mountain climbers tied together by a rope. I annul myself before the ten, trying to feel that I am smaller than everyone, and through that I receive forces. With these forces, received from the friends, I help them.

A person cannot rise from a descent on his own—but only if others set an example and awaken him. This will be the right ascent, not on account of egoism. A friend helps me rise, and I help the friend, meaning I work in the group where the forces of unity operate. This will be a spiritual action.

The Creator’s revelation comes from the lowest state, from the “dust,” as written: “You came from the dust, and to dust you shall return.” We always fall into the state of dust, losing all interest in spirituality, all desire and taste. And from this dust we must rise…. “A person shall help his friend”

The joy of a commandment, when I can perform an act against the will to enjoy, is greater. It may be a small achievement, but what matters most is that it will be done with regard to unity. All that I need is unity with the friends and the lesson: these are the two instruments for coming closer to the Creator.

The more difficult is the state, which is not felt in the ego as pleasant, the better it is. It means I do not have any ego-motivation in this action, and I operate against egoism. Then I really carry out the Creator’s instruction to come closer to Him despite resistance from my egoism.

A person fortunate enough to be in a ten that has reached revelation of the Creator, gives Him pleasure. The ten is a channel that conveys the Creator’s revelation to everyone. Friends in the ten want to connect to the Creator and pass His revelation on to all creatures.

We come to the lesson not in order to accumulate knowledge, but in order to attain new, additional unity. The lesson, “Shiur” means “extent”—the extent to which we can connect with each other even stronger.
From Twitter, 11/17/20

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The Principle Of A Holistic System

275Question: The fundamental principle of a holistic system is that the properties of the whole are sometimes not reduced to a simple sum of the properties of the parts. A team potentially has its own intelligence. If you take ten people, then united, they get much more power than each of them. What is added with such a connection?

Answer: Their egoism is added with which they previously rejected each other and now they are obliged to attract in order to connect with each other. Therefore, here both positive and negative properties work for a plus. After all, we rise above rejection, we begin to use it for agreement with each other, and therefore, the result is greater.

Question: Let’s say I have two kilograms of selfishness, you have three. We unite, and we have not five kilograms, but more. Why?

Answer: Because, having decided to unite, each of us overcomes his individual egoism. In a simple amount it is five kilograms of egoism, and yet if we overcome our ego, then a much greater amount is yielded, a great overall strength. Thus, we are looking for reserves to rise above ourselves!

In other words, we receive additional energy from above, and huge additional forces are added to our total egoism in order to rise above our five kilograms and unite. So instead of five kilograms, it yields five hundred.

Question: Does such a fusion between us take us to a higher level?

Answer: To a completely different, qualitatively new level!

If people are sensorially united, a special power of community, reciprocity, connection, which did not exist between them before, is manifested in them. Instead of the former separation, they acquire the power of unity. And this new property guides them.

From it they begin to feel a completely different nature, they see that it is integral. And they didn’t know it before. They believed that nature is built on individuality, on egoism. But it turns out that nature is absolutely not selfish.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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An Optimal Outcome Of Human Development

559Question: The world has become interconnected and strives for standardization and unified models. But people stay in their shells, habits, traditions, and thoughts, and care for themselves. Therefore, when we try to talk about global challenges of the world, people simply do not hear us. Their attitude is: “Tell me what needs to be done specifically. If it is not hard, I will do it.” What is the reason for this phenomenon?

Answer: It is because our egoism is constantly growing. It does not allow us to improve ourselves. This will continue until we recognize the evil of our egoistic nature and become convinced that this is the only thing we need to change.

Question: We constantly talk about unification. Is there a danger that due to extremism, unity may turn into racism, chauvinism, fundamentalism, or religious fanaticism?

Answer: Everything is possible. A person must scrutinize all his qualities in their positive and negative variations and choose the most optimal ones. The optimal thing that we will reach as a result of our development is “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Question: Can we say that the balance between giving and receiving is the basis for correct communication?

Answer: No. I cannot make that equation and monitor how much I give or how much I receive. On the contrary, it resembles the Sodomite rule: “What is mine is mine, and what is yours is yours.” Proper communication is when I feel what the other person lacks and provide it for him. That is, I get what I need and give away everything else.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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Hear And Be Heard

231.01Question: The ability to listen consists of three functions: attention, understanding, and acceptance. Attention refers to non-verbal cues. The main non-verbal signal is eye contact. Now, in the era of coronavirus, when we are all in front of screens most of the time, it is very difficult for us to listen and to be heard.

How do you cope with this problem while teaching thousands of students?

Answer: First, I have a constant daily contact for three hours with my students. In addition, they have an opportunity to access the Internet sites of our organization all the time, to read necessary materials there, to watch, to listen, and to participate in common events, etc.

Question: How do you understand that they are listening to you? You cannot see their faces.

Answer: I am waiting for their questions. Students from 150 countries of the world connect to our virtual studies that are held with simultaneous translation into 40 languages. Therefore, we have a huge field of communication: We read small excerpts on a certain topic, everyone listens, and if students have questions, they immediately ask them.

Question: So you do not need to see their faces?

Answer: In principle, no. It is not necessary. I feel a person by his question.

Question: What do you do when you see that a student resists and does not accept what you are saying?

Answer: It depends on what it means that he does not accept. If he is against something, then I must explain it to him. If he is against it anyway, then I have to postpone it for a while.

Question: Do you think that it is useless to prove something?

Answer: No, it is all right to prove. It is very good to do it, just within reasonable limits, since our audience is thousands of people, and I must always feel the time limit.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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Right To Exist

962.7Question: The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam believed: “Everything in reality, good or bad, and even the most harmful in the world, has a right to exist and must not be destroyed and eradicated from the world.

It turns out that none of our properties can be destroyed. You can only use them correctly. This is the most important principle of communication. Could the realization of this principle change the situation in the world?

Answer: Of course. We need to understand that everything that seems harmful and bad to us is not really so. Either we do not see it correctly and that is why it seems harmful to us, or if it is really harmful, we only need to fix it but not destroy it.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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The Future Is In The Application Of The Kabbalistic Method

248.01Remark: In an article published in June 1940, Baal HaSulam explicitly stated that all our troubles stem from a lack of unity. He wrote that we are like a heap of nuts that are united by a bag covering and binding them. But this measure of unity does not make them a cohesive organism.

My Comment: Jews are united only by suffering, political pressure, and the external hatred of all the peoples of the world. And from the inside, we are all in absolute rejection of each other. Therefore, this condition is wrong, unhealthy, and not for long.

Question: What is the future of the State of Israel based on spiritual roots?

Answer: We know that spiritual properties in a person can manifest and develop only from the feeling of a clear need for them.

Today we are in a state where we see that there are no “sacred cows” in the world, there is nothing from which to learn. Once everyone believed that one can learn from America, before that from Russia, etc. But no.

There is nothing worthwhile in the world, everything is falling apart, not any system justifies itself. In this state, we hope that people will finally turn to the science of Kabbalah and understand what society should be like, how people should properly educate themselves and create an absolutely new society that will exist in harmony with the entire integral nature.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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New Life 461 – The Law Of Nationalism – An Identity Crisis, Part 2

New Life 461 – The Law Of Nationalism – An Identity Crisis, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Abraham founded Israel as a spiritual nation because of its aspiration to aim at the upper force, the force of love. The secret that the Jews have is that by being as “one man in one heart,” we can reveal the upper force. This is our cultural heritage, but we don’t fulfill it. Today we are managed by the law of the ego and competition. If we want the vision of love and connection to come true, we have to accept anyone who wishes to join us and start a general, social educational process in order to learn about our roots.
From KabTV’s “New Life 461 – The Law Of Nationalism – An Identity Crisis, Part 2,” 11/30/14

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Lesson on the Topic of “The Importance of Studying Together”

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