The Relationship Of Teacher And Student

165Question: What should be the interaction between teacher and student? Does their relationship depend on the requests of the student only or on the teacher also?

Answer: More on the student. The teacher is ready to accept all of his requests.

Question: The sages say that a person should study what his heart lies on. You, too, often ask students: “What would you like to study today”? But this isn’t this wrong. Shouldn’t the teacher make the lesson plan himself?

Answer: Yes, but I want them to understand what they want and not passively accept what I give them.

Question: So, is what the student wants more important to you?

Answer: Sometimes I ask them about it to give them a chance to test themselves.

Question: Do you know in most cases what kind of material should be given and in what dose?

Answer: It is not my choice, it is the time. It dictates to me what materials to give them.

Question: Don’t you also think that the teacher should explain the material so skillfully that the student will have even more questions by the end of the lesson?

Answer: Yes, questions that would not confuse him, but would lead him further. This is necessary for the study. The student must accept my answer and, starting from it, continue to ask further. Then he will feel twofold in the answer and will be able to navigate correctly.

Question: How should students relate to other students’ questions?

Answer: Learn from them. It is the answers to the questions that carry the most information. This is necessary for students because they want to connect together with their souls—inner qualities, feelings, and intentions.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/24/20

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