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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Everyone is connected and everyone is corrected. Only I feel that I am separated from others and I judge them from my own flaws. If I correct myself and correctly imagine the state of all of creation, then I will see the Shechina, the Creator’s revelation that dresses in all the creatures, unites them, and operates inside of them.

We build the upper world out of desires aimed at reciprocal bestowal to one another. This is “the soul.” We have to imagine a reality that’s different from the one we feel—one where everyone is connected together. That is how it in fact exists: as a unified integral world, but the ego separates me from this reality.

We do not enter the upper world, but build it. It does not exist in a ready-made form. All of the premises are ready for us to create it. We build the spiritual world from our will to enjoy, and make restriction, the screen and reflected light over it.

The higher our reflected light is, the better we will imagine what the upper world is. It does not exist prior to that. Everything exists only in our desire: either for the sake of reception, or for the sake of bestowal. There is also an upper source, but it does not exist in our desires and intentions in any way.

We have to imagine the difference between being “inside reason,” meaning our current ego-mind and heart, and “above reason” in bestowal. That is how we gradually start to come closer to the boundary separating “inside reason” and “above reason” to the transition from the corporeal world into the spiritual world.

I come out into the spiritual world, like into outer space in a space suit. Inside of the space suit is my small world. On the outside, there’s a world unknown to me. There, one is prohibited to exist in the ego-form. By rebuilding my feelings and reason from ego-use to the neighbor’s benefit, I neutralize my “I”—I don’t need a space suit. If I act not for my own benefit but for others’ benefit, there’s no reason for me to be isolated from them. They cannot harm me. On the contrary, I can use everything that’s there beyond the boundaries of the space suit, for everyone’s benefit.

I exist inside of my ego-desire, “this world.” There’s a reverse world where everything is opposite: instead of hatred, there’s love; instead of reception, there’s bestowal, instead of attraction, there’s repulsion. In that other world, we live not in order to do good for ourselves, but so others are well.

It is precisely thanks to being in an ego-body that I can imagine how I transform it to be like the Creator, in the quality above the ego, the quality of bestowal. I am therefore happy to feel myself in a greater egoistic shell each time and from it, to aspire to the Creator.

Nothing and no one forces me to it, it is I who try to find the forces to do anything for the sake of bestowal above reason. This is how the transition happens from reason into above reason, above desire. It’s a transition from the material world into the spiritual one.
The spiritual world is built above reason, above my regular desire.

I feel everything inside me resisting: I do not want unity, the studies, altruistic actions, dissemination, connection with the friends. I do not wish to make use of the means that bring me closer to the Creator. I see the resistance inside—it’s in my ego, but on the outside I do the opposite.

Prayer is work in the heart, since reason resists it and one must go against reason. I ask the Creator for the thing that my nature resists. Every prayer requires special work in the heart. I do not want to understand with my reason that I should work for the Creator; I want to work in faith above reason.

The Creator doesn’t get revealed as if He was some place far away, and I have finally come there and found Him. I have to feel the Creator inside of me, feel the quality of bestowal inside me. Whether the Creator is “close” or “far” from me—is whether I want to be like Him, for the quality of bestowal to rule over me?

If we wish to reveal the point in the heart inside of us, a part of divinity from above, the sprout of bestowal, then we have to exert many forces to this end and help one another in the group. We are cultivating the force of bestowal inside of us, like out of a drop of semen implanted in us, until it reaches the full measure called the soul.
From Twitter, 11/25/20

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Covidophobia —A New Type Of Fear

961.2Question: Psychologists argue about the emergence of a new type of fear: Covidophobia. Some say that this is simply an exacerbation of a person’s past fears about their health. Others say that this is a special kind of fear that is being formed now. But they agree on one thing: the longer the pandemic and quarantine continue, the more such cases will appear.

How can a person stop being afraid in this coronavirus era?

Answer: I believe that this virus will continue to spread and ultimately lead us to a state where on one hand, we will all be afraid of it, and on the other hand, we will somehow get used to the fact that this is a given and we have to live with it. But one does not interfere with the other.

Despite the fact that we are surrounded by all sorts of threats to our life, we still exist. We will also live with this virus. Let’s become a little smarter, learn to adhere to some rules, and quietly continue to live with it. After all, other viruses will come, and there will be more problems. So gradually, we will get used to a different way of life.

We will see that this virus is actually even good. It educates us, brings us closer, and positions us correctly in relation to each other. In general, it removes completely unnecessary elements of communication or even elements of culture from our life. Obviously, this is necessary and we can do without them.

They say that whatever happens is for the best. On one hand, this is true. On the other hand, every problem continuously moves us forward. And therefore, one must be able to live with it.

And fighting against viruses will not help us. We already see it. It was never actually a fight. Viruses are impossible to fight. They are within us. We are all made up of billions of viruses—our entire body. Therefore, the point is not in the struggle, as if you are fighting with your own body, but in how to adapt yourself so as to exist along with it. And then life will seem a little more joyful and benevolent to us.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/06/20

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Darkness Intensifies The Light

207The spiritual path consists of two sensations: positive and negative. On one hand, we reveal deficiency, desire, and sorrow, and on the other hand, fulfillment, light, and sweetness. These two sensations must be present because it is impossible to feel one without the other.

If I do not imagine a great, important goal in front of me, I will not feel the need for fulfillment. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for both the feeling of lack and the expectation of fulfillment, for joy and sorrow, that support and do not neutralize each other. In spirituality, the right and left lines do not interfere with each other, but on the contrary, they both connect in the middle line and give us the correct perception of spirituality.

Therefore, we need to rise above the suffering and overcome the feeling of emptiness, but the main thing in the work is to maintain a balance, a correct connection in the middle line, between one and the other. If we feel only suffering, it is not called a spiritual vessel, and if we only enjoy a pleasant sensation, it is not a spiritual fulfillment.

Both sensations must be present in the created being, and only when they are correctly combined can a person work correctly and come closer to the Creator. In this case, the main thing for him is not his feeling of emptiness or fulfillment but the contentment of the owner, and he is fulfilled from his service to the Creator, from the adhesion with Him that he has achieved.

Darkness and light, night and day, sorrow and joy, all of these come together and nothing disappears or is extinguished; each completes the other. If we manage to connect them in this way, we will create a vessel for the revelation of the Creator in which the deficiency, the screen, and the reflected light are combined.

The Creator creates the creation from complete zero and gives it all the means to achieve a perfect state of similarity to the Creator. Therefore, we should not try to diminish the light or the darkness. We need both of them together for the revelation of the Creator. When the right and left lines complete each other and are combined in the middle line, we discover inside the condition for the revelation of the Creator.

Darkness emphasizes the light, intensifies it. It is like a candle burning in the dark with oil in it that permeates the wick and allows it to burn.

We need to monitor ourselves so we do not just chase a good feeling, but add darkness and sorrow to it in order to build the correct Kli. The Creator gives us only a faint spark and we must kindle from it a large bright flame that will illuminate the entire reality. This is possible only through increasing the Kli.

The desire and the light positioned in front of each other should not extinguish each other. We should aim for the middle line so that the wick and the oil work together, radiating light from their burning. All problems, difficulties, questions, and limitations, must be consciously attached to the work so that with the help of friends and lessons, darkness and light will connect into one unbreakable whole. Darkness is intended to intensify the light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/20/20, “Work With Faith Above Reason”

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“What Alzheimer Cannot Erase” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “What Alzheimer Cannot Erase

An old woman, fallen and withered, sits almost lifeless in a wheelchair, as strains from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake begin to play in the background she suddenly straightens up, awakens from oblivion, and her hands dance in perfect unison with the music as she recalls the choreography as if she were standing on a huge stage in front of thousands of shining eyes.

And where do we absorb the spirit from? From connection between human beings. In the tendency to connect with others, a channel opens up within us to absorb forces from it, to receive spiritual “air.”

This woman is Marta Gonzalez, and she did dance on the grand stages of the world when she was the prima ballerina of a New York ballet company she founded in the 1960’s. But for many years she has been suffering Alzheimer’s disease. In a video recently posted on the Internet she was seen with gentle sounds mesmerizing her in a moment of magic and arousing her memory and body movements.

The music here is marginal, it’s just a means. It is the spirit, the energy of life, the inner admiration, that shone in it and radiated from it. In Marta’s case the essence of life was folded and turned off in a thin memory, and a melody lit it up once again.

The spirit is the force that lies between the physical and the spiritual worlds, and it is the one that elevates man from one state to another, elevates one from level to level. In our time the human spirit is of utter importance, especially because humanity is facing difficult times of epidemics, diseases, and famine. Earthly problems are temporary, but the spirit is eternal, spreads over the whole universe, detached from the limitations of time, motion, and space. It is a spiritual force that elevates man.

And where do we absorb the spirit from? From connection between human beings. In the tendency to connect with others, a channel opens up within us to absorb forces from it, to receive spiritual “air.”

Like Marta, even when she was unaware of it, through the fact that she acted to encourage others, to lift their spirits through her performances, she herself received great spiritual awakening that emanated from within and evoked emotion in those around her. Through our unity we can also generate that rippling and eternal effect on the big stage called life.

“Debunking More Myths – Satan And The End Of The World” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Debunking More Myths – Satan and the End of the World

A student asked me if Satan exists, and if he does, can he be defeated or will he bring upon us the end of the world. Well, Satan exists, and he will indeed bring us to the end of the world. However, Satan isn’t what we think he is, and the end of the world is not the end of our existence, but rather the beginning of a much better life here on this planet.

Luckily, Satan, namely our egoism, has brought our world to the verge of ruin, and soon we will discover its futility and embark on the path of giving. I wish nothing more than for all of us to come out of this world and enter the new reality as quickly and as pleasantly as possible.

The word Satan comes from the Hebrew word soteh, meaning deflecting. Satan is in fact our egoism, which deflects us from the path of love and giving, and pits us against each other. It is the voice inside of us that tells us that everyone is against us, that we have to fight our whole lives, and that if we don’t, we will be crushed. And because Satan sits within each and every one of us, and we all listen to it, it creates a world where we are all against each other, distrust one another, hate one another, and want to be on top of everyone in order to feel that we are the best, and to prevent others from trampling us.

This is how Satan rules the world. And because it rules the world by installing such negative thoughts within us, our whole world has come to its current miserable state where we are fighting one another. Unless we overthrow the Satan within us very soon, we will destroy our world through nothing more than our hatred for each other.

So will Satan bring upon us the end of the world? It certainly will, and the sooner the better, as this is our entry into a new and much better reality. The Hebrew word for “world” is olam, from the word “haalama,” meaning concealment. Satan conceals the truth from us—that the world isn’t really governed by egoism, but by giving. Otherwise, how could life be created, through egoism? Can an egoistic force create life? Only a force of love and giving could create our world and life within it. Receiving is required only to secure our existence, but once existence is secured, we should engage with one another through the attribute of giving, rather than exploiting, and then we will see that indeed, giving makes the world go ‘round, not egoism.

When we discover the truth that the power of giving created and controls our world, it will be the end of our concealment, meaning the end of our olam [world], and the entry into a new reality of love and giving, where everything lasts because giving is the force that creates life. In this reality of giving, everything is complete, lasting, and connected, since giving requires connection, and when everyone gives, everyone wants to connect.

Luckily, Satan, namely our egoism, has brought our world to the verge of ruin, and soon we will discover its futility and embark on the path of giving. I wish nothing more than for all of us to come out of this world and enter the new reality as quickly and as pleasantly as possible.

“How Will Deep Fakes Impact Society For The Next Few Years?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How will deep fakes impact society for the next few years?

That there is technology that can show people on video saying and doing things that they did not actually say or do, and that this technology will enter our lives more and more in the coming years, should lessen our belief in things that we see online, and even more so, that ultimately the entire reality we perceive, i.e., through our five senses, is deceitful.

The feeling of distrust in everything we see and hear will serve to enhance our desire for truth, and we will then be compelled to seek out different sources in order to find the truth.

A sincere search for truth will eventually lead us to the need for establishing different forms of communication to our current ones, where we will learn how to positively connect until we unify above our divisions as one human society with a single heart.

In other words, we will have to correct our hearts, which are selfish at their core, and invert the way we sense reality to one that is altruistic, i.e., where we prioritize benefiting others over self-benefit.

When we reach a feeling of genuine concern and responsibility for other people, sincerely wishing for their best, then we will open up a world where no lies and deceit exist. After all, could we lie to anybody whom we truly love?

By aiming to positively connect, to love one another, we align ourselves with the deep-seeded interconnectedness and interdependence in nature. We then come closer to feeling the positive force dwelling in nature within our common love and care for each other. This sensation of love that we discover among human society when we correctly connect is the ultimate truth: it is nature’s source quality, and it has the power to completely fulfill each and every one of us.

Watch a video where I discuss this topic further here:

“Modern Day Sodom” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Modern Day Sodom

America cherishes individualism. It prides itself in its laws regarding protection of private property and has taken freedom of expression to the extreme. So why is America falling apart? Because building walls to protect one’s privacy isolates you from everyone else, and when the motto is each one for him or herself, there is no society and the country crumbles.

What America has done with its society was in fact a construction of a modern day Sodom, which is now tearing at the seams. It is evident to anyone with eyes in his head that on the current trajectory, America has no future. Moreover, I would say that unless the whole country reverses course beginning January 20th, America will lose all that it achieved, and within a few years, it will be in ruins.

My teacher’s father, the great kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag, a.k.a., Baal HaSulam, wrote, “Let mine be mine and let yours be yours … is sodomite rule.” He explains that the people of Sodom were not mean to one another; they were cold and indifferent, totally alienated from each other. This, says Baal HaSulam, caused their downfall. Later in the article, Baal HaSulam writes, “Let mine be mine and let yours be yours … is Sodomite Rule, the opposite of love of others.” In other words, the problem with the people of Sodom was that they had no love for one another, or as Baal HaSulam wrote in another article, “Let mine be mine and let yours be yours … is, in fact, the attribute of egoists.” You cannot cultivate egoism and expect society to last.

What America has done with its society was in fact a construction of a modern day Sodom, which is now tearing at the seams. It is evident to anyone with eyes in his head that on the current trajectory, America has no future. Moreover, I would say that unless the whole country reverses course beginning January 20th, America will lose all that it achieved, and within a few years, it will be in ruins.

As long as America stands, it stands a chance, but it must begin the educational process now. The liberation of the individual was good for its time. Now that individualism is deeply rooted in the people, connection and commitment to society must take the lead.

Human nature develops us as individuals, but it does not develop us as a society. This, we must do of our own volition and through our own initiative. It is similar to raising a child until he or she can function independently, but then you have to teach them how to function as individuals within a society.

This is where America stands now. It has stood in this place far too long, and did not realize it had to rise to the next level: turning individuals into a society. Now, it is living out its last days of glory. If it does not embrace the change and becomes a society of connected individuals, it will collapse in flames just as the once great city of Sodom.

How To Build Equal Relations In Society?

962.2Question: People feel unequal and demand equality. But when they achieve formal equality, they immediately try to destroy it and to stand out in any way. Where is the line between wanting to be like everyone else and running away from it?

Answer: Where it is beneficial for a person, one fights for equality, and where it is not, one fights for individuality.

Comment: Indeed, we see that in countries where people are equal, everyone starts trying to stand out in some way.

My Response: It’s impossible. Until a person gets the right amount of education that will lead him to a correct understanding of communication between all, this will not be achieved.

It turns out that inequality is the basis of communication. The whole world is built on exchange. Receiving would not make sense if everyone were equal.

Question: If we are not equal from the side of nature, does this mean that we should build equal relations in society ourselves?

Answer: Of course. We can demand from nature an explanation of what we are created like and what we should be, by what force we should bring ourselves from the present state to the right one, and so on.

Question: People have always fought for equal rights, general equality before the law. Are we really supposed to be equal in this? This is like the first stage, and then everyone should invest depending on their qualities?

Answer: Even these conditions of equality must be approached through a general law of nature where we are all dependent on each other and are in correct communication with each other. We cannot just take one law and start abiding by it, and even punish those who fail to comply with it.

Question: Are you for everyone having equal opportunities?

Answer: Conditionally equal. There are laws of kings, laws of plebeians, laws for peasants, for slaves, for everyone! Each level has its own laws, because they can’t even understand each other.

A person should have conditionally equal opportunities with all others that allow him to realize himself correctly.

What does equality mean? Any dynamic deterministic system consists of a huge number of subsystems, each of which has its own rules, the so-called steps. And therefore the system itself is integral, but internally,  with each other, it works not on an integral basis, but on a differential basis.

As in our body there are more important and less important organs for the whole body. That is, the calculation is made with the general organism.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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Egoistic Partnership

273.01Question: I recently received an email from someone who started a business with a friend over 30 years ago. He writes: “When we opened the business, we decided that each would complement the other: my partner gives ideas and I implement them, solve all issues. We divide everything 50 by 50.

“We worked like this for over 10 years until we made a lot of money. Then he demanded 80% of the total revenue for himself and justified everything by the fact that the ideas were his. Then I could not resist and said that all these years I had been supporting him, paying him for empty days when he was in thought, on vacation, depressed, etc.

“On this day, the principle of equality was violated and we became enemies. We didn’t speak for a month. And then it turned out that he sued me. Once closest friends, today we are ardent enemies.”

If we consider this situation through the prism of the integrality of nature, what could be the distribution of income and what is the equality between these partners? Is it correct that they originally split everything in half? After all, one of them later broke the contract.

Answer: The fact is that their partnership was purely egoistic, and therefore I have no idea how to solve this issue. I have nothing to do with this.

My job is to study completely different systems that complement each other and work on completely different principles where by giving to another you win.

If they understood the purpose of nature, then each would take as much as one needs to live normally and give all the excess to society. This is how the real profit would be measured. That is, the solution lies in a completely different plane.

Question: The saddest thing is that the process of educating these two businessmen could take decades. And what should they do before they come to the revelation of higher management? How should they share the profits? Are there any steps here?

Answer: I think that everything is much easier than you think. Let’s say that their wealth disappeared and there is a minimum left to exist. Now let them build relationships with each other. That’s all.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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