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Everyone is connected and everyone is corrected. Only I feel that I am separated from others and I judge them from my own flaws. If I correct myself and correctly imagine the state of all of creation, then I will see the Shechina, the Creator’s revelation that dresses in all the creatures, unites them, and operates inside of them.

We build the upper world out of desires aimed at reciprocal bestowal to one another. This is “the soul.” We have to imagine a reality that’s different from the one we feel—one where everyone is connected together. That is how it in fact exists: as a unified integral world, but the ego separates me from this reality.

We do not enter the upper world, but build it. It does not exist in a ready-made form. All of the premises are ready for us to create it. We build the spiritual world from our will to enjoy, and make restriction, the screen and reflected light over it.

The higher our reflected light is, the better we will imagine what the upper world is. It does not exist prior to that. Everything exists only in our desire: either for the sake of reception, or for the sake of bestowal. There is also an upper source, but it does not exist in our desires and intentions in any way.

We have to imagine the difference between being “inside reason,” meaning our current ego-mind and heart, and “above reason” in bestowal. That is how we gradually start to come closer to the boundary separating “inside reason” and “above reason” to the transition from the corporeal world into the spiritual world.

I come out into the spiritual world, like into outer space in a space suit. Inside of the space suit is my small world. On the outside, there’s a world unknown to me. There, one is prohibited to exist in the ego-form. By rebuilding my feelings and reason from ego-use to the neighbor’s benefit, I neutralize my “I”—I don’t need a space suit. If I act not for my own benefit but for others’ benefit, there’s no reason for me to be isolated from them. They cannot harm me. On the contrary, I can use everything that’s there beyond the boundaries of the space suit, for everyone’s benefit.

I exist inside of my ego-desire, “this world.” There’s a reverse world where everything is opposite: instead of hatred, there’s love; instead of reception, there’s bestowal, instead of attraction, there’s repulsion. In that other world, we live not in order to do good for ourselves, but so others are well.

It is precisely thanks to being in an ego-body that I can imagine how I transform it to be like the Creator, in the quality above the ego, the quality of bestowal. I am therefore happy to feel myself in a greater egoistic shell each time and from it, to aspire to the Creator.

Nothing and no one forces me to it, it is I who try to find the forces to do anything for the sake of bestowal above reason. This is how the transition happens from reason into above reason, above desire. It’s a transition from the material world into the spiritual one.
The spiritual world is built above reason, above my regular desire.

I feel everything inside me resisting: I do not want unity, the studies, altruistic actions, dissemination, connection with the friends. I do not wish to make use of the means that bring me closer to the Creator. I see the resistance inside—it’s in my ego, but on the outside I do the opposite.

Prayer is work in the heart, since reason resists it and one must go against reason. I ask the Creator for the thing that my nature resists. Every prayer requires special work in the heart. I do not want to understand with my reason that I should work for the Creator; I want to work in faith above reason.

The Creator doesn’t get revealed as if He was some place far away, and I have finally come there and found Him. I have to feel the Creator inside of me, feel the quality of bestowal inside me. Whether the Creator is “close” or “far” from me—is whether I want to be like Him, for the quality of bestowal to rule over me?

If we wish to reveal the point in the heart inside of us, a part of divinity from above, the sprout of bestowal, then we have to exert many forces to this end and help one another in the group. We are cultivating the force of bestowal inside of us, like out of a drop of semen implanted in us, until it reaches the full measure called the soul.
From Twitter, 11/25/20

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