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By annulling myself to the group, I receive the upper force from it, which influences and awakens me. I was below everyone, but now with the force received from the group, I influence everyone else, becoming like the Creator for them. First I received from the friends as Malchut, and now I bestow to them as Keter.

I am below and the friends are above. That is how we lift each other up, like mountain climbers tied together by a rope. I annul myself before the ten, trying to feel that I am smaller than everyone, and through that I receive forces. With these forces, received from the friends, I help them.

A person cannot rise from a descent on his own—but only if others set an example and awaken him. This will be the right ascent, not on account of egoism. A friend helps me rise, and I help the friend, meaning I work in the group where the forces of unity operate. This will be a spiritual action.

The Creator’s revelation comes from the lowest state, from the “dust,” as written: “You came from the dust, and to dust you shall return.” We always fall into the state of dust, losing all interest in spirituality, all desire and taste. And from this dust we must rise…. “A person shall help his friend”

The joy of a commandment, when I can perform an act against the will to enjoy, is greater. It may be a small achievement, but what matters most is that it will be done with regard to unity. All that I need is unity with the friends and the lesson: these are the two instruments for coming closer to the Creator.

The more difficult is the state, which is not felt in the ego as pleasant, the better it is. It means I do not have any ego-motivation in this action, and I operate against egoism. Then I really carry out the Creator’s instruction to come closer to Him despite resistance from my egoism.

A person fortunate enough to be in a ten that has reached revelation of the Creator, gives Him pleasure. The ten is a channel that conveys the Creator’s revelation to everyone. Friends in the ten want to connect to the Creator and pass His revelation on to all creatures.

We come to the lesson not in order to accumulate knowledge, but in order to attain new, additional unity. The lesson, “Shiur” means “extent”—the extent to which we can connect with each other even stronger.
From Twitter, 11/17/20

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