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My Thoughts On Twitter 11/14/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

In the body, every part takes care of everyone else—this is called love. For us, love is taking pleasure in fulfilling ourselves.

When we see that we don’t have the truth, but it is vitally necessary—that is when we will reach the truth. When we understand that no compromises are possible, we will then have nothing left but to rise above the schism in society, above the two forces of nature to the third force—faith above reason. It combines both forces and this is the Creator.

Without revealing the Creator in our world, we will not reach a sense of peace. A split into two opposing halves who hate each other will grow worse until degenerating to a world war… Then the world will begin history anew, in order to attain correction…

Truth can be ascertained with the full correction. In the meantime, we still haven’t attained faith above reason.
There will be no agreement in the world since only the principle of truth allows us to attain true balance…

Instead of truth, people use: mercy, justice and peace. The truth is concealed, we hide it. No one wants to see the truth, how much I owe everyone to ensure the integral system of the common soul, Adam HaRishon. This will obligate me to work only for the benefit of others. No one agrees to this.

No one feels where the real truth is. Each one thinks he is right, but there is no evidence that this is the truth, which is the same for everyone. As soon as we come closer to truth, we engage in extreme conflict with one another. No one wants to give up their own truth, ego, their opinion

It’s very difficult to manage the world by the category of truth since we are ruled by egoism, which prevents us from organizing society in a true form. We don’t know how to estimate every person’s forces, desires, aspirations—we cannot be guided by truth even though that would be best of all.
From Twitter, 11/14/20

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Transfer Of Information In Kabbalah

530Question: Many books that carry spiritual information are written by students who listened to the teacher and then wrote down what he said.

According to modern research, this method of transmitting information leads to its distortion, because we hear only 25% of what the other person says. How can such a transmission be reliable?

Answer: In Kabbalah the transfer of information happens in a different way than in the corporeal world because the student does not just listen to the teacher but to some extent attains him by rising above his egoism, and then he writes down what he has attained. And although it still passes through the student, a completely different information transfer takes place, a completely different channel, which comes from the similarity of qualities of the teacher and the student.

Therefore, the student can “hear” even those things that the teacher does not say but are at this degree.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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When The Happiest Period In Your Life Comes

66.03Question: Some scientists have determined the most unhappy age people’s lives. People of different ages were surveyed from 132 countries and found that the happiest period is 18-20 years old.

Then the situation starts to deteriorate. And the worst is 47 to 48 years old. This is an unhappy period in a person’s sensations. This condition lasts up to 60 years and then gradually improves. And at 70, you’re like a child again, so you feel good.

Can you explain these states?

Answer: No. I believe that it all depends on people. If a person behaves normally, works hard, has a family, a job, a goal in life, then I do not think that these are critical years for him.

18-20 years, this is clear: there is a kind of discovery of the world. And then it all depends on the person.

Remark: Here everything is logically clear. By the age of 45, all your hopes are buried more and more. And then you decide: “Well, what to do?!”

My Comment: It depends on what hopes and how to bury them. I do not know what you hoped for, what you wanted to achieve, or why you were disappointed.

Question: If you do not divide the life of an ordinary person into unhappy and happy periods, how should he live, in your opinion?

Answer: Every day is like a lifetime. Start from zero and end with zero. Give everything of yourself for the day! I’ll wake up tomorrow and have a new life.

Question: How can I wake myself up so that I get up and am fully awake until the evening?

Answer: My students oblige me. I feel fear before them. Fear. I have to, I have to do something. I can’t leave them like this. I have to push them, inspire them. I have to turn them on all the time. That’s what really concerns me.

Question: And your thought, what is it for them?

Answer: For them, of course. Not with me. I try not to have any calculations with myself.

Question: In other words, the task is to fully give yourself away?

Answer: The task begins even before the morning lesson starts, when I wake up, even before I start preparing myself for the day, I consider myself dead. Yes, dead. And I don’t need anything from life, except that I have to give it all away now.

Question: So dead means I don’t exist? There is no self-care, and so I go out into the world?

Answer: That is absolutely right!

Question: Is this how I start the day and how I should spend it?

Answer: Sure. And then you have a very correct calculation with yourself, with life, with students. Well then, what happens, this is already in the power of the Creator.

Question: If you take it and transport it to an ordinary person, can they have such an attitude toward their family and children?

Answer: Absolutely the same. He leaves himself, gives himself away. But to the world.

Question: That is, to the family, neighbors, distant ones?

Answer: Yes. That’s how you live, give yourself away. You have no idea how good it is, easy, free, and most importantly, right.

Question: Is this your main advice?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And then there will be no periods of happy, unhappy?

Answer: Nothing!

Remark: I don’t exist.

My Comment: Yes. But you will constantly be in tension whether you give yourself to them.

Question: Is this a good tension? Does it have an element of happiness?

Answer: This is happiness.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/7/20

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The Ten Is The Sum Of All The Properties Of Nature

939.02Question: Any communication is an interaction between people. Therefore, there must be at least two parties: for example, the speaker and the listener. Can we say that the more participants in communication, the greater the potential for high-quality communication?

Answer: Up to a certain level because we cannot imagine more than ten different properties in order to work with them correctly.

Remark: You always say that exactly ten people are the minimum and optimum for communication.

My Comment: Yes. But if you go further, you must broaden and combine your impressions and sensations, your work, and imagine the whole system, the group people in teams of no more than ten people in order to work with every ten as a unit.

Question: It turns out that I deepen my connection with the other nine friends in the ten, making it better, but I do not expand the group in terms of number?

Answer: You cannot or you will lose sight of all the participants. But if you take this ten as a unit and work with it in this way, you can assemble nine more tens.

Question: Then it is not clear why there are so many people?

Answer: So that we can give each of them the opportunity to exercise freewill.

Question: But there are billions of people in the world whom I will either never see at all or will see, perhaps, once in my life. Where is the communication here? Why is this done?

Answer: In order to break down the entire integral nature into certain limited parts, which in their integrality could be presented as unlimited nature. That is, this is the solution to the problem or squaring a circle or solving an integral by using  the unit method.

Although nature is integral, global, it considers itself not by its components but by properties. But in order to transform individual, small forms into properties, a huge number of these forms is needed.

Question: In principle, ten people are enough for me. And if in my entire life I meet several thousand people and never the rest, then should I not worry about it? This is not the goal of nature.

Answer: You can take only a dozen people arbitrarily and find among them absolutely all the laws and properties of nature.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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New Life 456 – The European Union

New Life 456 – The European Union
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Europe is tired and falling apart. It was good for business and the tycoons, but nothing was done there to unite people. Each of the states has to concede its egoism for the sake of connection in order to rise above past disputes. The problem is that the heads of the states are the most egoistic. The education of the public should start from the bottom up rather than the top down. The only ones who can eventually unite Europe and the whole world is the nation of Israel.
From KabTV’s “New Life 456 – The European Union,” 11/16/14

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