My Thoughts On Twitter 11/14/20

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In the body, every part takes care of everyone else—this is called love. For us, love is taking pleasure in fulfilling ourselves.

When we see that we don’t have the truth, but it is vitally necessary—that is when we will reach the truth. When we understand that no compromises are possible, we will then have nothing left but to rise above the schism in society, above the two forces of nature to the third force—faith above reason. It combines both forces and this is the Creator.

Without revealing the Creator in our world, we will not reach a sense of peace. A split into two opposing halves who hate each other will grow worse until degenerating to a world war… Then the world will begin history anew, in order to attain correction…

Truth can be ascertained with the full correction. In the meantime, we still haven’t attained faith above reason.
There will be no agreement in the world since only the principle of truth allows us to attain true balance…

Instead of truth, people use: mercy, justice and peace. The truth is concealed, we hide it. No one wants to see the truth, how much I owe everyone to ensure the integral system of the common soul, Adam HaRishon. This will obligate me to work only for the benefit of others. No one agrees to this.

No one feels where the real truth is. Each one thinks he is right, but there is no evidence that this is the truth, which is the same for everyone. As soon as we come closer to truth, we engage in extreme conflict with one another. No one wants to give up their own truth, ego, their opinion

It’s very difficult to manage the world by the category of truth since we are ruled by egoism, which prevents us from organizing society in a true form. We don’t know how to estimate every person’s forces, desires, aspirations—we cannot be guided by truth even though that would be best of all.
From Twitter, 11/14/20

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