Transfer Of Information In Kabbalah

530Question: Many books that carry spiritual information are written by students who listened to the teacher and then wrote down what he said.

According to modern research, this method of transmitting information leads to its distortion, because we hear only 25% of what the other person says. How can such a transmission be reliable?

Answer: In Kabbalah the transfer of information happens in a different way than in the corporeal world because the student does not just listen to the teacher but to some extent attains him by rising above his egoism, and then he writes down what he has attained. And although it still passes through the student, a completely different information transfer takes place, a completely different channel, which comes from the similarity of qualities of the teacher and the student.

Therefore, the student can “hear” even those things that the teacher does not say but are at this degree.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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