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“Despite The Enmity—An Optimistic Outlook On America.”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 10/31/20

Despite all the enmity, and despite the escalating violence in America, I believe that America’s democratic values will triumph in the end. I’m aware of the surveys showing that more Americans than ever feel that it is justified to turn to their firearms if the other side wins, but when all is said and done, I believe that on the 4th of November, America will not be engrossed in civil war.

For all its apparent frailty, the American democracy is an unprecedented success. A country of 330 million people of all races, faiths, and cultures is a challenge to any regime, much more so to a regime that aspires to give freedom of expression to all the facets of society. No other country has taken such giant strides toward equality, liberated its slaves and made them citizens with equal rights, or has practiced Lazarus’ iconic words, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me.” America did all that because at the end of the day, the vast majority of its citizens believe that these are the right things to do. This belief in the American values is the reason I believe America will overcome the trial of November 3, 2020.

Nevertheless, on November 4, the president, or president elect, will have to start patching up the aching and/or gloating factions of the nation. It will be a daunting task, for sure, and the sides will not agree with one another’s views. However, if they are convinced that their country matters more than their own views of how it should be run, there is a chance that they will rise above their discords and unite once more into a single nation.

The memories of the aggression, the insults of the past, all these will remain and keep on bubbling. But if people understand that they are not meant to agree, that their differences enrich one another and challenge them to polish and refine their own viewpoints, they will learn to appreciate disputes. Then, above the disagreements, it will be possible to build a sense of solidarity and mutual responsibility for all the people, whoever they are.

America has always been a role model for the free world. So far, it has been a role model of individualism and distinctiveness, but in rising above their profound rifts, Americans can become an example of the opposite. The country that has given the world the “Me! Me! Me!” culture can lead the way to love of others if it overcomes its current ruptures.

If I could advise the president, I would say that the first thing to do after the election is to assemble all the leaders in America, of every kind and from every creed, and try to bring them all to a unanimous decision regarding how to get rid of Covid so that America will be a virus free country. That will be the first test of unity, or at least the willingness to act toward it.

Next, the assembly of leaders should pick a few cities, in different parts of the country, and focus on establishing solidarity among the residents of those cities. These will be the trailblazers, the living proof of the power of unity. They will show that solidarity enables coordinated action that takes into consideration all parts of the city, all parts of the population, so that no one is left unattended and uncertain about the future.

On one hand, with the encouragement of local community leaders, residents will be obliged to contribute their part. On the other hand, the city, with the help of the state and the country, will reward that obligation with guaranteed provisions of everything from staple foods to entertainment. Community leaders and the city will not be pushing for socialism, where benefits are given unconditionally, but rather for a pro-social attitude, where one wants to give out of concern for society, but at the same time knows that one who does not give, also does not get. It is a mature and sustainable approach, and one that hasn’t been implemented since society has not been ready.

Now it seems we are approaching a phase where people are ready for change. America, precisely through its adherence to such values as equality, hard work, and freedom of expression, has the potential to lead the world to an era of reciprocity combined with personal fulfillment.

It All Starts With A Drop Of Semen

232.07The human body begins with a drop of semen: a single cell that multiplies and forms new cells. But all of them implement the very program that was laid in the first cell that started it all.

The drop of semen already has all the information. One day scientists will learn to decode this information so that one cell will show the entire person that will develop from it, his entire fate and abilities, whether he will be a great scientist or a musician.

It is all there, in a drop of semen, but only in potential. If these potential forces get the material to work with, they will begin to build the human body according to the program placed in the first cell where every organ and every cell of a large healthy organism is described. We only need to provide food, the material, for its construction.

It is the same with our desire. In each of us there is a point, the first drop obtained as a result of shattering. Our common body was shattered into many parts, and if we join into ten, we will restore the drop of semen, the desire. In addition, we will draw the light that reforms.

We need two things: desire and light. On one hand, there are our ten potential forces, and on the other hand comes the light that reforms, which will connect them back into one drop of semen. None of us can become a drop of semen, each of us is only a tenth of the seed from which the soul will develop.

We draw the upper light, which connects us and begins to form a larger and larger spiritual structure called the soul or Partzuf.

Therefore, we must try to unite and from this unity turn to the Creator so that He can send us the light that reforms that will develop us. These are the two areas of our work.

It seems to me that the Creator gives me foreign thoughts that throw me out. But this reveals new forces of egoistic desires inside the ten, which must be added as fuel. Thanks to this, the ten will strengthen, grow fat, and build itself.

However, when we receive this additional fuel, it has not yet been processed correctly, and therefore feels like foreign forces of separation. If in spite of this, we join together, then we swallow this force inside ourselves and expand and grow at the expense of it. This is how waste is turned into food.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/20, Writings of Rabash, “What Are Torah and Work in the Way of the Creator?“

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My Thoughts On Twitter 11/1/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

They say that masks help not for avoiding getting infected yourself, but avoiding passing your germs to others—that is how nature unconsciously imposes the right relationships on us. Granted, they are unconscious and unaware, but this too is effective and will lead us to become aware of the reciprocity…
From Twitter, 11/1/20

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“Will There Be A Civil War In The US After The Elections In November?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Will there be a civil war in the US after the elections in November?

Even though hatred, polarization and unrest accumulates from one day to the next in American society, and even though riots could emerge in relation to a range of issues, I doubt that there will be civil war in response to the elections.

American society has a deep-rooted consensus on its democratic values, and it has made breakthroughs in providing its large and diverse population with equal rights. These same values that most Americans hold will be why I think that they will hold together after the elections in November.

However, the fact that there are questions about whether there will be civil war in America after the elections shows that division in American society is definitely a major problem that needs to be treated. It seems like an impossibility to bring together people with opposing views, and it is true: we cannot solve such a problem on the same level as the problem.

The solution to the increasing division in American society lies not in bringing the opposing factions closer together, nor in tilting people on one side to another. Rather, it is in uniting above the division. In other words, every person has a right to their opinion and can fiercely reject the opinion of others, but above these opposing opinions should begin to emerge a common understanding of the need to unite above the conflicting opinions, that society’s survival and well-being depends on it.

Although it might seem far-fetched that an umbrella of unity will miraculously appear and hover over an increasingly polarizing society, there are two factors that make it possible: one is the growing awareness of how nothing positive emerges from a increasingly divided society; and the other is the need for a nationwide educational campaign, which will raise the idea of how and why uniting above the divisions is more important—for people’s survival, health, happiness and well-being—than giving into divisive drives. Moreover, since America stands on the world’s stage, when its hundreds of millions of citizens start connecting above their growing differences, they will positively influence people worldwide with a similar unifying tendency.

Therefore, after the elections, I would advise the President or President-Elect to gather America’s leaders from every vocation in order to first reach a unified decision on how to make America coronavirus-free. Afterward, I would advise the leaders to select a few cities in different parts of the country as test cases to implement programs aimed at unifying people above division. As test cases, their progress would need regular monitoring and examination in order to see what is needed, through all kinds of situations that could surface, in order to create, sustain and grow a positive unifying atmosphere. There is absolutely no harm in implementing such an experiment. Rather, it holds the potential to create a new model for far-reaching improvements in social health and happiness.

As deepening polarization gives rise to more and more outbursts and anxiety in America, then precisely this bleak landscape can act as the background needed in order to realize a new positive shift. I indeed see a lot of potential in American society, with its pioneering and innovative spirit, its values of equality and freedom of expression, and its vast influence throughout the world, to face the challenge of its social division and realize that in unity everything will become much better.

Image: Earth From Space – USA to Venezuela seen from the ISS (Great views of Florida and Cuba). Space Videos.

In The World Of Infinity

537We do not have any attainment in the world of Infinity because all our attainment is possible only in the place that has an end. The sensation comes only at the border where everything ends. Therefore, in the state of infinity, we cannot perceive or understand anything.

It is as if I were thrown into the open cosmos and there is nothing but darkness, not a single ray of light, and it is not clear where the top, bottom, right, or left are. I do not understand anything, I am spinning in zero gravity and I do not feel where I am or what is happening to me. This is called the world of infinity.

The central point in the world of infinity is the point where everything ends: both desire and light. It is like a black hole.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/20,  Baal HaSulam, “The Study of the Ten Sefirot”

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The Most Profitable Investment

560Question: Over the past centuries, the US dollar has been the most stable currency used by the entire world. But lately the situation in the United States is characterized by a huge domestic debt, unrest in the country, trade wars waged by the United States, etc. What is your advice on whether to invest in the American currency?

Answer: 🙂 I didn’t expect that you would turn to me with such a question. This is not my area at all. But since everything in the world falls, then one thing falls relative to the other, of course.

What would I invest in? In education. If you would give me a lot of money, I would invest it in education. After all, nothing else remains. Just this! Eternal improvement of a person.

Question: That is, regardless of what currency it is (virtual, bitcoins, dollars), everything that a person has should be invested in education?

Answer: The most profitable investment is in the growth of a person’s educational level.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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This Powerful Word—Father!

543.02Remark: Scientists have been studying the causes of high incidences of crime in the world for forty years. It turns out that it is not a matter of poverty or starvation. It was proved that criminals are mainly those who have no fathers.

Scientists write that without a father figure, children acquire the habit of not thinking about the well-being of other people. The transfer of family values from generation to generation is broken.

Answer: If a child does not have a father, it is, of course, a very serious detriment in their life, in their upbringing, in their perception of reality, in everything. A mother cannot replace a father.

Question: That is, he seemingly had everything: an elite school, a wonderful environment of children, but no father, and that did it! He can commit a crime, even the most terrible one.

What is it about the father figure from the Kabbalistic point of view?

Answer: This is how a child learns; he looks up to the father. This restricts him, shows him the way he should be, how he should think and act. He feels this father figure internally.

Question: Does the father exist in order to set an example for the child?

Answer: Any example, no matter what kind.

The fact that I have a father puts me on my feet, shows me the way. Even if it is wrong, I will be able to make adjustments, but at least, I have a point of reference.

Question: Does something disappear from me when the father leaves?

Answer: There is no foundation, only emptiness, no base. As if I have nothing to stand on.

Question: Does a child have this concept: father—mother?

Answer: Of course. A boy must have a father. It is of paramount importance. Otherwise, he has to make him up, create him in his thoughts and dreams, no matter how, but he has to be there.

Question: Can a stepfather replace him?

Answer: A good stepfather can. A good stepfather is someone who rekindles in a child the almost natural sense of connection with him as with a father.

Question: If we depict all of humanity like a child that does not feel the Creator, can we say that it exists without a father?

Answer: We have to revive in ourselves this need to feel our father, the Creator, strive toward Him, try to reveal Him, and make Him into a symbol of perfection for ourselves. It is Him we should follow and become similar to.

Question: Do we feel that He has left us?

Answer: No, He did not leave us. He is hiding on purpose so that we develop all the qualities within us that will make us similar to Him. To the extent of this similarity, He will reveal Himself. Take an example from this and see how a father should act toward his child.

Remark: So, we do have a father?

Answer: He exists and He is forcing us to look for Him, to find Him, and adhere to Him.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/20

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The Goal of Nature And How To Achieve It

292Question: Does nature have a goal and what is it?

Answer: The goal of nature is to bring man and all of mankind to perfection.

Question: What are nature’s plans for the near future?

Answer: This is exactly what they are. We have already reached such a level of development that only the last stage remains ahead of us.

Question: Should we just believe this or is it possible to check it out?

Answer: No, there is no way to check this out. We need to implement this.

Question: What are the risks of deviating from the goal? If we deviate a little, will we not be able to achieve it? What should we be afraid of?

Answer: In any case, we will reach the final goal. There is no doubt about it. Nature makes no mistakes; it still leads us forward. However, it wants us to understand, recognize, accept, and implement this goal with its help, but as independently as possible.

Question: What should we be afraid of?

Answer: There is nothing to be afraid of. Only of ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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Envy Increases Wisdom

629.3Question: What does the expression of the sages “Envy increases wisdom” mean? What is it about?

Answer: It means that when I look at the sages, my envy of them pushes me toward studying and learning in order to become like them.

It is written that “envy, lust, and honor take a person out of this world,” that is, elevate him to a higher degree than the one at which he is now.

Remark: Aristotle noted that people mostly envy those who are close to them in time, place, age, and fame.

My Comment: Naturally, after all, I cannot envy those who lived a few thousand years ago.

I must have some common levels of understanding and feelings with a person I envy. Julius Caesar or Tamerlane are too far away and incomprehensible to me. I have to imagine the object of envy, understand what I would feel in his or her place, and then I can envy.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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