This Powerful Word—Father!

543.02Remark: Scientists have been studying the causes of high incidences of crime in the world for forty years. It turns out that it is not a matter of poverty or starvation. It was proved that criminals are mainly those who have no fathers.

Scientists write that without a father figure, children acquire the habit of not thinking about the well-being of other people. The transfer of family values from generation to generation is broken.

Answer: If a child does not have a father, it is, of course, a very serious detriment in their life, in their upbringing, in their perception of reality, in everything. A mother cannot replace a father.

Question: That is, he seemingly had everything: an elite school, a wonderful environment of children, but no father, and that did it! He can commit a crime, even the most terrible one.

What is it about the father figure from the Kabbalistic point of view?

Answer: This is how a child learns; he looks up to the father. This restricts him, shows him the way he should be, how he should think and act. He feels this father figure internally.

Question: Does the father exist in order to set an example for the child?

Answer: Any example, no matter what kind.

The fact that I have a father puts me on my feet, shows me the way. Even if it is wrong, I will be able to make adjustments, but at least, I have a point of reference.

Question: Does something disappear from me when the father leaves?

Answer: There is no foundation, only emptiness, no base. As if I have nothing to stand on.

Question: Does a child have this concept: father—mother?

Answer: Of course. A boy must have a father. It is of paramount importance. Otherwise, he has to make him up, create him in his thoughts and dreams, no matter how, but he has to be there.

Question: Can a stepfather replace him?

Answer: A good stepfather can. A good stepfather is someone who rekindles in a child the almost natural sense of connection with him as with a father.

Question: If we depict all of humanity like a child that does not feel the Creator, can we say that it exists without a father?

Answer: We have to revive in ourselves this need to feel our father, the Creator, strive toward Him, try to reveal Him, and make Him into a symbol of perfection for ourselves. It is Him we should follow and become similar to.

Question: Do we feel that He has left us?

Answer: No, He did not leave us. He is hiding on purpose so that we develop all the qualities within us that will make us similar to Him. To the extent of this similarity, He will reveal Himself. Take an example from this and see how a father should act toward his child.

Remark: So, we do have a father?

Answer: He exists and He is forcing us to look for Him, to find Him, and adhere to Him.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/20

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