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My Thoughts On Twitter 11/4/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Everything begins with each person thinking not about himself, but about his neighbor, about everyone, and thus ascending to a higher degree. To exit oneself means to enter the Creator, for He exists above our egoistic thoughts and desires.
Faith above reason is the path of attainment of the next spiritual degree, higher and higher still.

We’re going to feel our true human powers, all that is hidden from us in the universe: black holes and dark matter, all the forces that acted before the world’s creation, and that have created it. We’re going to start delving into creation, and sensing where we are. This is no fantasy, but real science: Kabbalah.

“Everything shall be resolved in the thought.” Thus we will bring to balance all the forces of nature, which is presently deliberately muddling our life, like mixing a deck of cards. Everything depends solely on our desire on the human level, which is the highest level of this world.

If every person were to care for others instead of himself, we are going to transition from the path of suffering to the path of Torah, the path of light, ridding ourselves of the coronavirus and all other problems. If we start thinking about unity, everything in the world will automatically work out. We need only to correct our thoughts.

The Creator is the quality of love and bestowal. By fulfilling His desire, I arrange a communication system between myself and the Creator through the group, the ten, all humankind. I don’t think or ask for myself, but only for others: for them not to forget about or disconnect from the goal. I redirect my mind and my heart to them.

Faith means rising above one’s opinion to the Creator’s opinion. Our opinion is knowledge. Each degree begins with darkness, with what my nature demands, but I aspire toward the Creator’s opinion, and I must rise each time. I don’t think or do what I want, but I do as the Creator wishes.

The Creator prepares the creatures: He builds us up and breaks us down, and then again and again. He has built and shattered all the degrees, all the worlds, up to the world of infinity. He has prepared all the states, one opposite the other, so that man could live among them and rise above both, above good and evil.

Man must combine within himself two opposites: darkness and light, evil and goodness. The evil must appear before so that man would come to desire to disconnect from it, to rise above his nature. The desire to enjoy develops due to the light, by repeatedly connecting and disconnecting from it.

The Creator decided to create man with a great desire to enjoy, who would be opposite to Him, doesn’t agree with Him, resists Him and can even feel anger and hatred toward Him. All this must exist in our foundation, so that we could feel and understand the Creator, and unite with Him.
From Twitter, 11//20

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Can Joy Be Eternal?

572.02Question: What state does a person mostly feel joy from: from the past, the present, or the future?

Answer: From the present, of course. This feeling is the most acute. As for the future, it is the anticipation of joy. It may last longer. And the joy from the past leaves a certain impression and turns into knowledge, into what we call a Reshimo (informational record).

Question: Joy is a consequence of fulfilling our desires. But the fulfillment of desires extinguishes them and it turns out that the joy disappears. How can the joy be made to last forever?

Answer: It is necessary to separate the feeling of joy itself and the object that caused it. For example, if you feel joy from the achievements of your child who is constantly developing, then this joy does not disappear. And if you are happy about some of your successes, then this feeling goes away very quickly.

In other words, when joy is felt from an external source, then it can be long lasting, almost endless.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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Hatred Detector

527.01The next stage of the pandemic is the revelation of evil that the coronavirus is leading us toward. We will understand that we must keep our distance from each other in accordance with our internal separation. Gradually, the connection between the material and spiritual world will begin to manifest.

Therefore, I don’t think the pandemic will end. Medicines will appear, but they will not help, and if they help for one virus, it will only be to reveal another, even more dangerous one.

The coronavirus shows us our internal relationship to each other in external parameters: I hate someone “by two meters,” and someone “by twenty.” The quarantine distance reflects the hatred that exists between us. I’m forbidden to approach someone if I don’t treat them well. Maybe they’ll even invent a detector that starts buzzing if you get too close to someone.

This is called the revelation of evil because I see how badly I treat people and that I must correct my attitude. This will be the cure for the coronavirus.

In spiritual space, our closeness is determined by the law of similarity of qualities. And that is why such events happen to us in this world. We gain a new perception of reality because I can get closer to you or further away depending on how I think about you: good or bad. If I really want what’s best for you, I can get closer and closer. But only up to a certain limit, no more than that! I feel the border between us.

We are like charged particles in a spiritual field that cannot arbitrarily approach or move away, but always maintain a balance between them. So we begin to feel ourselves floating relative to each other to the extent of equality of our qualities or their difference. The distance will change as the attitude changes, and everything will become so obvious that it will allow us to quickly correct ourselves and become like one man with one heart.

There will be no difference between us—only one common desire. There will be no diseases and viruses. The virus will turn out to be useful since it has brought us to this state, to a common embrace.

The main thing is to find out that we need the help of the upper force hidden in nature. This force is the source of life, and therefore, it created all the particles of creation and develops them until they reach the sense of life. Therefore, we need this force that can connect plus with minus at all levels, so that it can help us at our human level.

On the human level, this power will not come by itself without our call; it leaves us free choice. It only awakens us by appearing to us as a negative force so that we ask it to act positively between us, as it is said: “Husband and wife—Shechina between them.” This is what we must ask, demand, and pray for together.

We have only one way out: to correct ourselves, and then the good connection between us will not allow the virus to manifest itself. Until we understand this, the coronavirus will not disappear. It will be reborn in various modifications and poison our lives until we realize that only by improving our relations with each other will we neutralize the virus.

Otherwise, the virus will pass from humans to animals, and from animals to insects, to such tiny ones that it is impossible to fight at all. The virus will be everywhere! It will be carried by beetles, flies, and birds and force us to be afraid of every mosquito. And most importantly, products will be infected with it.

I can lock myself in a house and turn it into a fortress, but I need supplies inside this fortress. And all the products will be contagious, in any tomato, cucumber, or water bottle there may be viruses, everywhere. After all, everyone has egoism, which means we will all suffer. I may not leave the house, but I need to breathe, and I will inhale viruses along with the air.

How else can we be pushed to say: “Enough! We are ready to do anything for the sake of correction.”
From KabTV’s “Writer’s Meetings” 10/22/20

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The Main Thing Is To Stick Together

557If we yearn for the Creator, we attract the reforming light, which corrects us, brings us closer, and organizes us. Day by day, we feel new thoughts and new desires coming to us. They do not just appear accidentally out of thin air; all this comes purposefully, like elements of the single system in which we exist.

There is nothing accidental. Therefore I should not blame myself for not being as sharp today as I was yesterday. Yesterday, I was thinking more seriously and feeling more deeply, but today, I suddenly cannot do that. Yet, all this is organized from above for my correct advancement from state to state.

The main thing we need is to stick together. This is the only effort that we need to make. And everything else will be arranged from above.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/20, Writings of Rabash, “What Are Torah and Work in the Way of the Creator?“

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“As A New Quoran, How Should I Deal With Hate Comments On Quora?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: As a new Quoran, how should I deal with hate comments on Quora?

You should be thankful for their responses, that what you write touches them. It means that you share a certain level of connection, even though it is negative for the time being.

However, you should try to understand why they think the way that they do, and also not focus on who is right or wrong, but on what is ultimately the truth.

The truth is a complex concept because a person can hold an opinion believing that it is the truth, but an examination into that opinion’s sources could very well reveal that it is in fact not the truth.

Therefore, we should support each other in emphasizing a sincere search for the truth. Our opinions would then hold less importance than questions about where we actually exist, and what might happen to us while we are here.

It is because today we find ourselves standing on rickety foundations, discovering from one day to the next just how fragile we are. Whether it is the coronavirus or myriad other problems in health, money, relationships or some unforeseen disaster that could affect us at any given moment, today’s problems can hit any person in any location, and of any race, age, gender and class.

Our current era is characterized by increasing global interconnection and interdependence. We would thus be wise to examine the extent to which we are connected, and how we could realize our connections positively. Also, we would be wise to prioritize such a scrutiny above the battle for who is right or wrong based on our current level of understanding of ourselves and the world.

We would also be wise to seek how to put aside our anger and accusations, and let simple common sense guide us to a more neutral zone where our personalities and emotions are secondary to a search for facts on what is happening in our lives, the world and nature. It would be similar to how scientists conduct research, with an attempt at freeing the investigation from emotional baggage.

If we could support each other to centralize our focus on that kind of neutral direction, freeing ourselves from tendencies to sway one way or another, then we would set foot on a path more optimally directed at the truth.

I thus wish us all strength to rise above our divisions and differences, and to observe our circumstances from aside, as much as it is possible. If we develop mutual support in order to view our lives from a neutral viewpoint above our emotions, we will then be able to energize our lives with a renewed sense of hope. A new and more unified perspective would open up to us, and we would see our common goal of greater unification above hatred and division as worthwhile for us all to reach.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

New Life 497 – Dreams And Controlling Fate

New Life 497 – Dreams And Controlling Fate
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Kabbalists control fate since they correct themselves for the good of humanity. They transcend the program of nature and their own egoism by building a Masach (screen) and rising to the height where the forces come from. Kabbalists advance humanity toward completion. The patriarchs Jacob and Joseph knew how to hold onto the middle line, integrate the powers of good and evil, and control destiny. This is called “interpreting the dream for us.”
From KabTV’s “New Life 497 – Dreams And Controlling Fate,” 1/11/15

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The Right To Respect

284.02Question: “Respect,” (from the Latin “respectus”), means attention, respect, protection (avoid harming). Respect is defined as a respectful attitude, a special assessment of someone based on recognition of their merits, achievements, or high qualities. What do you mean by this word?

Answer: Respect is an assessment of a person according to his qualities, merits, and admiration for his achievements.

Question: In your books you write that respect of others is even more important in a person’s life than money. But according to Maslow’s pyramid, the highest is self-development, self-realization, knowledge. Why are you talking about respect anyway?

Answer: It depends on how you treat it. Respect for another, for the Creator, for something outside of ourselves, is the property that pushes us toward realization.

Question: Do you think everyone has the right to be respected?

Answer: Any person who tries to fulfill his function given to him by nature is worthy of respect in his aspiration.

Question: What human quality is worthy of respect?

Answer: Desire for constant growth, self-realization. A person must constantly check himself how worthy of self-respect he is, for what and how he can respect himself. This is due to the awareness of your personality, with self-control.

He must respect himself for fulfilling his destiny.
From the KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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Principles Of Effective Learning

283.01Remark: There are several principles of effective teaching.

First, it takes time to grasp the practice of a new skill or craft. It is said it takes at least 10 years to become a specialist.

My Comment: Yes. It is even longer in Kabbalah. Knowledge cannot be acquired without effort.

Remark: Second, you need constant access to the best teachers.

My Comment: For this we have our sources instead. Since the death of my great teacher Rabash, I do not see who can replace him. It is impossible. He was the last of the Mohicans, and now we are moving toward complete correction according to his method.

Remark: I meant that today, thanks to the Internet, you can learn from the best teachers.

My Comment: This is not the point. There are simply no teachers on the level of Rabash in the world.

Remark: Another important principle is the visual assimilation of information. They say that 50 to 90% of the brain’s resources use visual perception. But you rarely use tools like presentations or even blueprints in lectures.

My Comment: The point is that spiritual states cannot be represented graphically. Therefore, they are almost never used in Kabbalah.

There was a period when many new students came to me, and literally in every lesson I drew, sketched, and depicted for them. But they have moved forward and they do not need these blueprints today. They perceive them internally, speculatively.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/24/20

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Holding The Steering Wheel Of The Management Of Creation

934A ten, the minimal system that resembles the whole of creation, can impact everything. This means that you have the steering wheel by which you can impact not only our world, but also all the worlds.

If you mutually cooperate correctly in the ten, you ascend to a higher level in the hierarchy of mutual cooperation of the whole system. To the extent that you are connected between you, this is the impact from the level in which you find the connections between you in the ten. Then you really have the steering wheel in your hands.

And people around you will begin to understand that we are entering a special living system, which actually exists and which actually impacts the whole world. It is only to the extent that we participate correctly in the ten, that we participate openly and practically all over the world, in the whole system of creation, in all the worlds.

What is this principle? There are 125 levels of spiritual attainment, and we have to ascend to the first level. To the extent that we unite in a ten, we will begin to determine our state on the spiritual ladder and thus ascend. The greater the unity in the ten, the higher the level we will ascend. The more we unite, the higher the level we will ascend.

The higher you are, the wider perspective you automatically have of the integral system of all the worlds, and thus you impact them more accordingly. This means that the steering wheel is gradually revealed, and thanks to it, you can navigate and manage things a bit to the left and a bit to the right. You begin to understand the gradual cooperation of all the elements in the system. You will be able to actually manage them at least like in a plane, and it will be even more concrete than being a navigator in the cockpit.

You will see the extent to which all the levels of inanimate, vegetative,  animate, and speaking nature that are in you, and the levels that are in the ten, in the connection between you, will be connected and tuned to perceiving the impact of the whole system by the ten, and to manage it through the ten.

This is the phase that we have to adapt to realistically this year. I am truly hopeful that we will reach it. The main thing is to invoke the desire to want to feel that inside us, to participate in the giant schema of the whole creation and to be inside it!

A person needs to understand how the system exists in mutual cooperation, how it breathes, how he impacts it, and how it impacts him. There cannot be any special revelations in the levels of of inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature that operate instinctively and quite primitively.

However, on the level of the speaking is our world group and also some other small groups that are relatively striving to reach this feeling of creation in their own way. Other than that, the souls that have already been through these phases of evolution and are on different levels also connect here and exist in this dimension.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/5/19

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