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Everything begins with each person thinking not about himself, but about his neighbor, about everyone, and thus ascending to a higher degree. To exit oneself means to enter the Creator, for He exists above our egoistic thoughts and desires.
Faith above reason is the path of attainment of the next spiritual degree, higher and higher still.

We’re going to feel our true human powers, all that is hidden from us in the universe: black holes and dark matter, all the forces that acted before the world’s creation, and that have created it. We’re going to start delving into creation, and sensing where we are. This is no fantasy, but real science: Kabbalah.

“Everything shall be resolved in the thought.” Thus we will bring to balance all the forces of nature, which is presently deliberately muddling our life, like mixing a deck of cards. Everything depends solely on our desire on the human level, which is the highest level of this world.

If every person were to care for others instead of himself, we are going to transition from the path of suffering to the path of Torah, the path of light, ridding ourselves of the coronavirus and all other problems. If we start thinking about unity, everything in the world will automatically work out. We need only to correct our thoughts.

The Creator is the quality of love and bestowal. By fulfilling His desire, I arrange a communication system between myself and the Creator through the group, the ten, all humankind. I don’t think or ask for myself, but only for others: for them not to forget about or disconnect from the goal. I redirect my mind and my heart to them.

Faith means rising above one’s opinion to the Creator’s opinion. Our opinion is knowledge. Each degree begins with darkness, with what my nature demands, but I aspire toward the Creator’s opinion, and I must rise each time. I don’t think or do what I want, but I do as the Creator wishes.

The Creator prepares the creatures: He builds us up and breaks us down, and then again and again. He has built and shattered all the degrees, all the worlds, up to the world of infinity. He has prepared all the states, one opposite the other, so that man could live among them and rise above both, above good and evil.

Man must combine within himself two opposites: darkness and light, evil and goodness. The evil must appear before so that man would come to desire to disconnect from it, to rise above his nature. The desire to enjoy develops due to the light, by repeatedly connecting and disconnecting from it.

The Creator decided to create man with a great desire to enjoy, who would be opposite to Him, doesn’t agree with Him, resists Him and can even feel anger and hatred toward Him. All this must exist in our foundation, so that we could feel and understand the Creator, and unite with Him.
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