Holding The Steering Wheel Of The Management Of Creation

934A ten, the minimal system that resembles the whole of creation, can impact everything. This means that you have the steering wheel by which you can impact not only our world, but also all the worlds.

If you mutually cooperate correctly in the ten, you ascend to a higher level in the hierarchy of mutual cooperation of the whole system. To the extent that you are connected between you, this is the impact from the level in which you find the connections between you in the ten. Then you really have the steering wheel in your hands.

And people around you will begin to understand that we are entering a special living system, which actually exists and which actually impacts the whole world. It is only to the extent that we participate correctly in the ten, that we participate openly and practically all over the world, in the whole system of creation, in all the worlds.

What is this principle? There are 125 levels of spiritual attainment, and we have to ascend to the first level. To the extent that we unite in a ten, we will begin to determine our state on the spiritual ladder and thus ascend. The greater the unity in the ten, the higher the level we will ascend. The more we unite, the higher the level we will ascend.

The higher you are, the wider perspective you automatically have of the integral system of all the worlds, and thus you impact them more accordingly. This means that the steering wheel is gradually revealed, and thanks to it, you can navigate and manage things a bit to the left and a bit to the right. You begin to understand the gradual cooperation of all the elements in the system. You will be able to actually manage them at least like in a plane, and it will be even more concrete than being a navigator in the cockpit.

You will see the extent to which all the levels of inanimate, vegetative,  animate, and speaking nature that are in you, and the levels that are in the ten, in the connection between you, will be connected and tuned to perceiving the impact of the whole system by the ten, and to manage it through the ten.

This is the phase that we have to adapt to realistically this year. I am truly hopeful that we will reach it. The main thing is to invoke the desire to want to feel that inside us, to participate in the giant schema of the whole creation and to be inside it!

A person needs to understand how the system exists in mutual cooperation, how it breathes, how he impacts it, and how it impacts him. There cannot be any special revelations in the levels of of inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature that operate instinctively and quite primitively.

However, on the level of the speaking is our world group and also some other small groups that are relatively striving to reach this feeling of creation in their own way. Other than that, the souls that have already been through these phases of evolution and are on different levels also connect here and exist in this dimension.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/5/19

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