Responsibility For Everyone

962.1Question: Integral education requires a group of like-minded people since knowledge is secondary and establishing connection is primary. It is enough for everyone to build a society of at least ten people in order to learn and change internally. In such an environment, one receives confidence, a sense of security, and so on.

But there is such a phenomenon as social laziness. Being in a group, there is always an opportunity to cut corners. How should this be dealt with?

Answer: In a group, everyone should take care of everyone else so that everyone is an active participant and shows everyone an example: each one is for everyone.

Question: When you were studying one-on-one with your teacher, you understood that if you do not write something down, remember it, or learn it, no one would help you. And in a group of people, I can always weasel out, thinking that someone will do it for me. What can we do?

Answer: I do not know because I have not been in such conditions. I was with my teacher and I understood what he was giving me, I must remember and pass on. And that’s what I do.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/24/20

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