Not Through The Mind But Through Feelings

624.04Question: Some studies say that our brain perceives any new information as stress. It must adapt to this information. Is there a technique for effortless adjustment? How can we help a person assimilate new knowledge as their own?

Answer: Only with the help of the environment! If the environment pushes a person to do this, motivates him in some way, then it will be easier and more interesting for him.

Question: The environment gives importance, this is clear. Yet, in addition to that, are there any techniques for more successful perception of information?

Answer: Only if a person absorbs information not only through the brain but through the heart, through all their channels of perception. This is revealed in the group, in the course of studying in the correct environment.

Question: Scientists say that an unfamiliar word can block the perception of information for several seconds. Thus, the next words that a person hears, are simply not perceived.

What can you recommend? Most of the time we do not feel the laws of the integral world.  This is like new information.

Answer: There is quite a broad number of techniques built on combining the development of the individual and the development of a group up to all of humanity. However, this is an independent science.

Question: How do you teach? Let us say that there are simple tips: speak slowly, with pauses, give some examples, draw analogies, and give definitions. Encourage questions because other students can connect to them. Memorize terms so that there will be the correct association with them. What else could it be?

Answer: That is true, but this is not enough because these methods do not say anything about collective perception. We, however, strive to increase perception, to take it to the next level so that it becomes a collective one.

Here we need a completely different method when a person does not try to grasp and absorb the material in his mind, but wants to connect with others through feelings and perceive the material in these common feelings. It has almost nothing to do with the mind. However material that is perceived is cognitive material.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/24/20

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