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My Thoughts On Twitter 10/14/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Number of COVID deaths in #Israel has doubled in just 5 weeks, now at 2,000. This isn’t the end. A global problem comes from incongruence with nature’s universal law of unity and mutual guarantee. Kabbalah explains that the people of Israel is at fault for not observing this law.
From Twitter, 10/14/20

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Funicular With Special Fuel

935We can only advance through the fact that we unite more and more. We seem to be sitting in a funicular car that goes up a mountain. To the extent that we unite, the funicular goes up and then stops because it used up all our fuel. We unite again, the funicular takes us up a little more.

The work consists not in breaking forward, but in uniting more and more, breaking through to inner union, and then the Creator will lift us up from Sefira to Sefira, from Partzuf to Partzuf, until we reach the end of correction.

All work goes on only within the ten, and the promotion is only due to the strengthening of the connection between us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/20, “Sukkot

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“A Reality Of Uncertainty” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A Reality of Uncertainty

All over the world, countries are feeling the toll of the second wave of Covid-19. Infections are rising and cities and countries are reinstating lockdown orders. The most pervasive feelings at this point seem to be uncertainty and despair. In the first wave, we thought we’d stay at home for a few weeks and wake up from the coronavirus nightmare. Now, in the second wave, we are beginning to realize it is not going away.

While all of nature functions as an integral system whose elements are connected and dependent on each other, we act as if we are separate beings, apart from the rest of humanity and the rest of nature, when the truth is the exact opposite. And because we feel this way, we are wrecking our home.

The only way to (hopefully) avoid it is to avoid contact with people, but how long can we do that? After all, we are social beings and other people’s company is an existential need for us. It seems as though we’re being forced to choose between suffocation from being locked up in our homes and suffocation from the virus. On top of that, the tension between those who choose to get out and enjoy other people’s company, and those who want to stay indoors and protect themselves and their loved ones is adding to the already mounting tensions in society. The prognosis for society in such a state is not good, to say the least.

There is, however, a way out of the catch. We haven’t been willing to try it, but a way out does exist. Since our conflict with nature has brought upon us this virus, ending the conflict is the way to eliminate it.

I like to watch TV shows about nature. When you look at how animals behave, you see that although their whole lives revolve around eating other animals or escaping other animals that want to eat them, there is perfect balance. There is no hatred among them; there is simply a natural mechanism that makes nature work in perfect harmony and life thrives.

Humans, however, are devoid of balance. We eat too much, accumulate stuff we don’t need, throw out perfectly good stuff, and litter the planet. While half the world is overweight, the other half is starving.

And worst of all, we are killing one another, abusing one another, tormenting one another, and taking pleasure in humiliating other people. We are hateful beings, the only hateful beings in all of nature. And in this, we are in conflict with nature, completely opposite from it.

While all of nature functions as an integral system whose elements are connected and dependent on each other, we act as if we are separate beings, apart from the rest of humanity and the rest of nature, when the truth is the exact opposite. And because we feel this way, we are wrecking our home.

The coronavirus is forcing us to behave more responsibly. It is forcing us to stay apart, restrict our consumption, limit our exploitation, and diminish the damages we’re inflicting on the planet. If we stopped doing these damages voluntarily, we wouldn’t need the virus to limit us. We would limit ourselves, which would preclude the appearance of the virus from the get go.

Think about it, the measures we are required to take in order to defeat the virus are the same measures we are required to take in order to save the planet and stop exploitation of others. It turns out that if we changed the way we treat each other and the planet, we would eliminate the virus without even trying.

In all likelihood, there will be no vaccine to Covid-19. Even if one is found, epidemiologists already warn that we are bound to see more and more of these bugs infecting humanity in the coming years, so fighting it is a lost cause. Our only way out of the maze is through changing our attitude from exploitative to cooperative, from alienation to connection. Today, it is clearer than ever.

“What Are Some Ways To End Domestic Violence?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What are some ways to end domestic violence?

The only way to end domestic violence for good is by implementing serious education that we need nowadays for our very survival: a new kind of education where we learn about how our egoistic human nature operates on us at every moment, how it is growing in us individually and in humanity as a whole, how it brings about such phenomena as divisiveness, hatred and violence, how today it has reached such heights that it needs new methods that our past education can no longer fulfill, and how to stop it from erupting in such terrible situations as domestic violence.

Violent tendencies exist in every person. While most domestic violence is thought of as men violently abusing women, today we also see such phenomena as mothers violently abusing their children, and even on the contrary, children doing so against their mothers.

Why did nature make us so savage that many of us strike out against our own family members?

It is in order for us to reach a conclusion that our egoistic nature is an evil inclination. Our ego, which is a desire to enjoy at the expense of others, ultimately hates anyone or anything that does not seem to benefit it.

Moreover, today more than ever, domestic violence acts as a prominent example of the immense hatred that is building up within human beings, and that it is all in order for us to reach a desire to put aside this hatred—which clearly leads to no positive outcomes—and start loving one another.

Therefore, the more violence and suffering amounts, the more potential we acquire to reach a desperate cry for change: to transform our nature from egoistic and hateful to altruistic and loving.

This is where the importance of a new form of education enters, one that focuses on teaching us how nature works—including human nature—and how we can develop positive attitudes to each other above the hatred that involuntarily surfaces inside us.

I’m optimistic that with such connection-enriching education, we can bring about great corrections to humanity. I have applied myself to connection-enriching education for dozens of years, and even though by nature I am very egoistic and domineering, by learning how human nature works, and by drawing alongside it a positive environment that is filled with positive examples of altruism, love and care, then I develop constant hope and motivation to become a better person from one day to the next.

That is the kind of drive we need to spread out to society at large if we are to see an end to domestic violence, as well as many other hateful outbursts occurring increasingly in our world today.

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash.

Be Good Students Of Nature

292Only after all people achieve complete correction and rise to the last step, this world, which we perceive within our egoism, will begin to disappear from our sensations. As long as there are people and groups, parts of the common soul of Adam HaRishon, who are still in egoistic desire, we will all feel we are within the framework of this world.

We will continue to be born and die in physical bodies and will not be able to leave this circle until we enter the last stage of correcting the desire to receive pleasure into bestowal. And then this world will begin to disappear from our sensations because egoistic desire will disappear and transform into intention for the sake of bestowal. And this world will begin to melt.

I can be corrected one hundred percent, like Rabbi Shimon, but since the rest of the world, the common integral Kli of Adam HaRishon has not yet been corrected, I will inevitably be with them in the common feeling of this material world.

All the great Kabbalists of the past, the great righteous, did everything only for the sake of bestowal, but they were connected with the broken Kli, and that is why they felt this world. For example, Baal HaSulam achieved complete personal correction, but this did not protect him from serious illness and death, which were the result of his connection with other people.

This will continue until we achieve the general correction of our entire Kli. This process begins now, when the entire common Kli is revealed and all of humanity will come to correction. This completely changes the attitude toward us and our approach to reality. We are joining a new program and will not be able to exist in the old way.

See how quickly the coronavirus shifted all of humanity to a new state from the previous state when everyone took care of themselves individually, separately from the rest. The virus hits everyone so that we feel connected. Even though this connection is bad, we will try later to make it good. And above all, we feel that we all have a common problem.

This problem grips us so much that it makes us feel that we are all suffering. We will stop making the distinction between us in the face of common misfortune because everyone suffers, everyone gets sick, everyone dies, everyone is helpless and does not know how to get out of these problems.

The virus binds us together on an equal footing, not placing someone above and someone below. Its goal is to even us out to the same degree. Therefore, only our union is the correct and only medicine.

The Creator treats us with absolute goodness, but we feel the evil because we do not align our state in accordance with Him. It is as if I am a student who is required to study hard, but I do not try to study. Therefore, I receive blows and punishments.

We are under a single governance, and we must begin to approach Him and fulfill His requirements. If we are ahead of him at every stage and fulfill the requirements, then we feel good advancing from high to higher.

But if we do not want to fulfill the requirements and the main thing for us is to make some noise at demonstrations and fly to have fun abroad without changing anything, then we will feel worse and worse. Nature, like our father and mother, tries to teach us, but we, like a stubborn child who only wants to have fun, do not hear anything.

And this is a problem because we need to listen to and respond to the demands of nature. If not, then nature will transfer us to the next class and the blows will become even more serious, and we will suffer more and more. The main blows that await us are climatic disasters that will simply destroy us. We will have to suffer from all diseases and hunger.

Nature acts according to the program, and we are obliged to establish a connection between the Creator and creatures so that they correctly understand each other and connect through us. Are we aware of this problem and are we trying to fix it? This is the most important thing.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/25/20, Shamati #42 “What Is the Acronym Elul in the Work?”

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/11/20

129Question: Can a good feeling after making a decision indicate that the decision was right?

Answer: No. This is not an indicator at all.

Question: Does one’s physical health affect his decision making?

Answer: Yes, it does. A person should be more or less physically, morally, and mentally healthy. Only then can he make the right decisions. So if he is ill, it is better to postpone serious decisions until a later date.

Question: How can one become more decisive and faster in making decisions?

Answer: I think it is impossible. A person who thinks that he can do that is simply stupid. Fast decision making is only possible with the help of the group.

Question: What is the meaning of doubt when making a decision?

Answer: Human ignorance of the clear laws of nature.

Question: You often say that the main thing is a common decision and that it is better to be mistaken together than to be right on your own. Why?

Answer: Because the Creator will do it anyway according to everyone’s needs.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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What A Virus Looks Like Under A Microscope

592.01The Creator hardens Pharaoh’s heart more and more, increases our egoism, but we are not obliged to fall to the very bottom in order to force the upper force to open up.

We do not have to fall if we attract the forces of nature right now in order to use the desire to enjoy together with the sparks of bestowal and try to walk in the middle line. Then we will see our illness and, right now, we will begin to treat ourselves correctly, without bringing us to death.

Any disclosure is possible only inside of some kind of flaw, but for this it is not necessary to reach real problems because our soul is already broken. Therefore, if we try to unite, then we discover this splitting even before it manifests itself in a material form. We identify this problem in the connection between us and find a solution.

Since we are broken, we can attract the light that returns to the source and solve all our problems. If I can feel the slightest bit of splitting, that is enough to start the fix and complete it. I do not need to get hit all the time, because when I reveal the smallest split, I can already perceive it as a big problem and raise myself up. It all depends only on my attitude.

Therefore, it is not necessary at all to fall to the full depth of the abyss that separates us, but it is enough to make out at least a small crack and begin to rise until the end of the correction. It all depends on the awareness of evil.

This is what all our work is about. Otherwise, we will have progressed only on account of the whip, like animals receive a blow and start running. But this is not the job of a person, because a person must know how to prevent a blow with a medicine.

Here it all depends on what magnifying glass I look through at the small virus in order to see a terrible monster in it that can eat me. It is very tiny, but I examine it through a microscope and therefore I see that it can cause me great harm.

A person can react to the weakest blow if he is attracted to goodness, unification. Indeed, discovering even the smallest disconnection, he perceives it as a huge problem and can avoid it by striving for good.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/25/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Pass The Conflict At The Level Of Thought

923Question: Why is it so hard for us to stop ourselves when a conflict is in full swing? How can you set it up in advance so as not to reach such states?

Answer: We do not need to delve into a state of conflict. We just need to understand that there is a higher, more important, necessary state for each of us, and try to rise above the conflict.

Question: What is better to do: take all the accumulated anger out, knowing that a conflict may arise, or endure and keep everything to yourself?

Answer: Neither one nor the other. You just need to calmly clarify all the points and then begin to solve them toward the ascent to the next common level.

It is important to recognize a critical situation before a conflict arises. Thus, it is possible, as it were, to go through this conflict at the level of thoughts and forces, and not when people are already yelling at each other or a fight begins.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/16/20

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Jews Of America, Part 9

17.01To Prevent Movement to Fascism

Remark: Jews, living in different countries, prosper in those places up to the point that discord breaks out between them and anti-Semitism flares up. Then they unite again through the suffering that unites them. And then fascism comes.

The great Kabbalist of the 20th century Baal HaSulam believes that the only way to disrupt nazism is through a religion that he calls altruism.

It turns out that the Jews, as a nation, are natural opponents of fascism in any of its forms. And subconsciously feeling this, all forms of fascism are against the Jews.

Baal HaSulam in the newspaper The Nation written in 1940, emphasizes: “He [Karl Marx] thought that the proletariat governance would be the subsequent step to the bourgeois governance, and hence determined that by negating the bourgeois government, a proletariat one would be established instantly. Yet, reality proves that the step following the ruin of the present government is that of Nazis or Fascists.”

My Comment: Unfortunately, we will see the emergence of fascism in America, in all developed countries, and in developing capitalist and semi-capitalist countries. This is a law of nature. After a developed state, society can either come to the realization that it is necessary to change its ideology or continue the line of fascism.

Question: In other words, in order to survive, people go to nationalism? We see that right wing parties and nationalists are coming to power in almost all European countries.

Answer: This will continue to deteriorate until the method of connection becomes apparent in the world.

Question: If these are the laws of nature, then no one is to blame, no religions. There is a single force that generates all these processes. And we, as observers, should notice all this and draw the right conclusions?

Answer: No. We can move all this forward, starting to unite on the basis of the true religion, the science of Kabbalah.

Thus, we will show all of humanity that there is a path that leads them to salvation from their own egoism. A path that not only makes our life in this world special, but also reveals the upper world, that is, the structure of society based on interconnection.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel”11/18/19

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