Diamond Mine

laitman_936After we rise from the dust, making a diamond out of sand, we again fall into the dust, even deeper than before, in order to rise from it to an even greater height. And so every time; the deeper we fall, the higher we rise. The amplitude grows more and more, and this is a sign of advancement, as it is said: “He who is greater, has the greatest egoism.”

As soon as we turn the dust into a diamond, the next descent to an even worse state begins immediately. Indeed, thanks to our compression, we gained strength, got in touch with the spiritual state, and now we have the opportunity to work with this power below, to dig in our selfish desire even deeper like an excavator bucket, and to make an even stronger and more valuable diamond from the deeper dust.

The main thing is to feel even more connected with the others, and then we will be ready for the next descent and new work. All the work consists of raising a prayer to the Creator, from below, with a request to lift us up.

The Creator lowers us together with our friends down to the ground, like miners in a mine, and we feel that we are in the depths of our desire for pleasure. All our relationships to each other are selfish; selfishness stands between us and keeps us in a dungeon. And then we squeeze back into the elevator and ask the Creator to lift us up, above the surface of the earth, back in the light, in the fresh air, under the sun, in freedom.

Now we know what it means to be inside our desire for pleasure and what it means to rise above it. It looks like a butterfly that emerges from a chrysalis. The child also goes through a difficult path through the birth canal until it is born into the world. All our work goes day and night, in the dust, in an effort to ascend from it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/20, “Concerning Above Reason”

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