The Group Absorbs Your Descent

laitman_530Question: If a person during the descent starts to imagine that he is in an ascent, does this help him?

Answer: Yes. If he himself begins to imagine the ascent, then it pulls him out of the descent.

We always have a sawtooth curve of ups and downs, when we go up, then we go down a little lower, go up even higher, go down even lower, etc. The amplitude becomes higher, and so we move toward the goal.

Such an amplitude, i.e., the difference between plus and minus, is an indicator of our spiritual level. Therefore, moving forward you should know that you will have big descents and then big ascents.

Only the right environment, the group, can compensate you for this. The group serves as a damper, an absorber of your descents. After all, in an ascent you work as a capacitor, transfer your power to the group, and in the descent you take the group’s power together with your descent and make the ascent.

This is how the oscillatory circuit between the coil and capacitor works. Thus, this is how the transfer of energy occurs.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/27/19

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