All In One Boat

962.2Day by day the situation is getting worse all over the world. This indicates that humanity is not moving in the right direction and is not sweetening its condition.

Instead of following the path of light desired in the eyes of creation and the Creator, humanity, due to a lack of understanding of what is happening and what needs to be done, follows the path of suffering, the natural development of events, that is, under the pressure of forces that oblige us to advance. So, we follow that way as if there is no other choice.

It cannot be said that there is a real awareness of evil, but it is clear that the state is bad and may not be corrected anymore, but will only deteriorate more and more. The crisis affects everyone, both ordinary workers and managers. Many already understand that this is not just a virus, but a phenomenon that will change our whole life. This is becoming more evident every day.

At the same time, people still hope that if a cure for coronavirus is found quickly, they will be able to return to their old life. They do not understand that the virus does not hit our health, but much deeper. Nature began a global treatment for humanity. It did not seek to confine us to our homes and distance us two meters from one another, forbidding us to communicate, celebrate weddings together, sit with friends in a restaurant.

Nature had a completely different intention: it wanted to give us room, free space, time, and the opportunity to understand and feel why all this was done, for what purpose. This is not just an epidemic, but a higher, integral, global, and special phenomenon. It is difficult to grasp it right away, but humanity is already approaching it.

Blows are the surest way to reach our minds and hearts and make us aware of our condition. We must try to explain to people why nature does this to us. Nature is an integral, global mechanism that acts on us and gradually advances us along the path of evolution, that is, the program of creation. We are developing according to a higher plan.

The science of Kabbalah explains to us what kind of program it is and what steps we need to go through. It is impossible to escape from this program. You can only change method of our progress toward unification, the goal of development, from bad to good.

Likewise, in raising children, if a child listens to his parents, then he is treated well, and if he does not want to listen, then you have to put pressure on him and even punish him. It is said that “he who spares the rod hates his son.” (Proverbs 13:24) The goal is already outlined from the beginning, and we must come to it.

Soon we will be left without money, without food. The sooner we explain the true reason, the fewer blows we will get that are intended to lead a person to a new, correct order of life.

We cannot wait for this to be done by the forces of nature that beat us and seem devoid of compassion and feelings. They did come after we had not heeded the warnings of nature and had not made an effort to go on a good path.

It is necessary to explain to everyone that it is not the epidemic or the virus that is to blame. There is simply one force that acts very harshly and is forced to put pressure on us, like a parent on naughty children. We must develop, no question about it.

But we can choose a good, easy, beautiful, and fast path if we direct our hearts and minds to the goal to which nature leads us: to our unification and organization of life here on this earth, in a simple and good form. On the material side, you need to keep what is necessary. The main thing is to direct yourself toward spiritual development, that is, toward connection from heart to heart.

People feel more unhappy day by day because they cannot see the image of the future that nature is leading us to. They think that it is just a disease and one day we will recover from it. Let us spend money on it, some will get sick, some will even die, but eventually, the epidemic will end, and we will return to normal life.

Every country is struggling to return to its usual life. Every politician convinces us that he has a solution to restore the old way tomorrow. This is known and desirable to everyone because we understand how to live in it.

But it is impossible to reverse the process of evolution. We see from history that we pass from state to state and move on to the next stages. Now nature requires us to move to a new stage where humanity must become closer to each other sensually. In addition, we must take care of our home, our planet, and together take care of our future.

After all, in this, we all depend on each other. We cannot make distinctions between peoples, countries, we must think about the global state.

Let each of us be an egoist who thinks only of himself, who does not care about anyone else in the world, but if we want to survive, we must think about everyone. After all, we are all in one boat.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/19/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)

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