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My Thoughts On Twitter 9/1/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The coronavirus cannot be stopped by masks, by sitting at home and closing down schools. A correction has to be performed at the highest degree—in the relationships between people. When we begin to correct ourselves and establish the right connection we will thereby disable the virus. It is written “Love will cover all crimes!”

The coronavirus emerges due to an improper connection between the elements of creation, which have to begin to connect in our time. In places where connections are meant to emerge, according to the program of development toward the end of correction, viruses emerge out of places of breakage, like out of cracks…

One does not build the soul by own’s own desire, the way one erects a building, but rather one waits for the Creator to build it. The right request to Him passes through unity in the ten to the Creator. I only order this construction, but don’t know how the Creator will build it. Especially when we are building the 3rd Temple.
From Twitter, 9/1/20

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“Racial Tensions In America—A Red Alert For American Jewry”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 9/1/20

The American Dream is dead and buried. All that’s left of it are shattered houses destroyed by storms, smoking ashes of burnt down towns, frightened families in downtown cities where gunfire is routine, and a virus that’s spreading out of control. The free press, America’s most treasured asset, has been bought by moguls who infuse their political agenda into every line in every story and every frame in every clip, to the point where there is no honest reporting in the country that used to be the leader of the free world. It isn’t just the dream of a house in the suburbs with a picket fence around the yard that’s gone; it’s the American way of life that’s gone with it. America is being torn to pieces from within by hatred, and from without, by nature. And it won’t be long before the anger turns against the Jews. It’s already begun, and it will soon turn very deadly.

America is the capital of egoism, where private property is hallowed and individualism venerated. It is a country that has consecrated self-entitlement and now grapples with its abhorrent progeny: alienation, isolation, loneliness, and depression. And the Jews will be regarded as the instigators of this agony.

Throughout history, the Jews have been blamed for every plight that has ever struck a nation. Even where there are no Jews, the Jews are blamed for all their troubles. It is a natural law to blame the Jews for every misfortune, and America is not above the natural law.

Jewish ingenuity and keenness of mind have given the world countless presents, from which everyone enjoys, and for which on one thanks the Jews. But Jews have also given the world a present that it rejects unequivocally since it does not see its benefits: love of others. When the Jewish people formed, at the foot of Mt. Sinai, they became a nation only after they agreed to unite “as one man with one heart.”

Immediately thereafter, they were tasked with passing on that unity to the entire world, to be “a light unto nations.” Unless the Jews unite once more and set an example of this light of unity, the world will not opt for unity, but turn to violence time and time again. And in the process, it will blame the Jews for causing the bloodshed and punish them accordingly.

American Jewry is splintered internally, disputed with Israel, and proudly displays its conflicts. Many American Jews think that their expressions of aversion toward fellow Jews present them as enlightened or portray them as sensitive to social injustices. In truth, however, it only increases the already mounting hatred toward them. When the levee breaks and the flood begins, no one will be spared.

But there is no reason for despair; the road to happiness is paved and clear: unite, and your fiercest enemies will become your greatest supporters. The world needs unity more than ever, but it will not know it until someone points a light in that direction. And the only ones who can do it are the Jews. If they unite among themselves, they will send a clear signal to the world that that’s the way to go, and the world will follow.

Jews are obstinate; I have little hope they’ll listen. They did not listen in the 1930s when some Jews called on them to unite; I hope they will today.

“Schools Were Already Dead, And Covid Came To Bury Them” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Schools Were Already Dead, and Covid Came to Bury Them

On the one hand, we want children to go back to school so we can get back to work and return to normalcy. On the other hand, there is no doubt that schools will become places of mass infection since social distancing is completely unnatural for children. They will not be able to comply with such rules, and it is emotionally harmful for them to keep physically apart. The outcome of the clash between opening schools and boosting the economy, and closing schools and keeping the children and their families safe will be the permanent and long overdue breakdown of the education system.

What schools give in the way of knowledge, they will teach through online or recorded classes. For children today, online learning is as natural as physical learning is for us. In fact, it is physical learning and the compulsory classroom attendance that are unnatural for them.

School as we know it is a defunct system that’s been dead for decades. More than knowledge, it “teaches” children obnoxious behaviors, exposes them to drugs, extreme sexual promiscuity, bullying, violence, addiction to anything from computer games to hard drugs, and alienates them from their families.

Covid-19 did us all a big favor by closing down the “education” system, and will do us another favor when it stops us from reopening it. In the end, we will learn what social frameworks we do need to open and what kind of activities we want them to conduct, but it is up to us to decide how quickly we want that good end to come.

Florida, which tried to open its school system, exemplifies the cost of insistence on opening schools. The Florida Department of Health reported an increase of 9,000 confirmed cases in children in just 15 days since schools reopened in the state. It is absurd to think that it could happen otherwise. The very development of kids depends on their close contact with each other. Touching, playing together, exchanging objects, sharing and befriending are necessary for their growth. Kids need close contact with friends and peers in order to establish themselves as social beings. For them, it is as vital as food.

Even worse, the message that we send them by telling them to stay apart and obey the (anti)social distancing regulation is likely to scar them for good. We are alienating them from one another. Our healthy parental instincts make us encourage our kids to socialize, make friends, be nice to people, and be careful of bad people, since we want them to grow up to be accomplished individuals. But with the coronavirus restrictions, we have to tell them the opposite: “Stay away from everyone! Stay in your own corner; don’t give anything to anyone, and don’t take anything from anyone. Anyone can give you the virus; stay away from them!” What kind of people do we expect to grow out of such imperatives?

Under such conditions, it is better to keep kids at home and teach them online, where communication between them is monitored and minimal. The connections they will develop with peers online will be much more positive and less stressful than the social pressure they endure in class, and they will complete their need for social contacts with family and with a few close friends where they feel comfortable and safe, and where they minimize the risk of infection.

What schools give in the way of knowledge, they will teach through online or recorded classes. For children today, online learning is as natural as physical learning is for us. In fact, it is physical learning and the compulsory classroom attendance that are unnatural for them.

Children’s presence at home will not come without a cost. A grownup will have to be with them at home during their “school” hours. In households with two parents, one will have to stay with the children, see that they get food and break time, and that they are actually learning during their classes. And if it seems tough to get by on one salary, it will be much tougher on single parent households. But here, too, some arrangement will have to be found, either with government assistance, NGOs, or through another arrangement. After all, when schools are hubs of mass infection, it’s not a question of whether children should stay home, but of how it can be done. The more quickly we acknowledge the necessity to adapt ourselves to reality, the more easily we’ll go through the transition.

When I wrote months ago that people’s hopes for returning to the pre-Covid days were unrealistic, people couldn’t accept it. Now I hope they can already see that this is so, since the sooner we adapt our policies and institutions to the fact that the virus isn’t leaving, the better we’ll be able to adapt our education, economy, and all other aspects of our lives to the new world that has emerged seemingly overnight.

Examining This World

197.01Comment: Hundreds of philosophers and scientists wrote that all of humanity is one family, one organism. That is, they somehow felt our commonality.

My Response: Many people still feel this commonality today. You do not have to be a Kabbalist or a scientist for this. It is enough to be a person who is examining the world. He sees that everything in it is interconnected—the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature are one common organism, one common system.

Yet, how does one begin to feel it, how to work with this system in order to feel the force that controls it? Only Kabbalah teaches this.

Abraham, who lived three and a half thousand years ago was the first to feel this commonality. He began to call the manifesting upper forces the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 12/9/19

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Death Is A Transition To Another State

627.2Question: I understand the aging process that ends with death. And what is the point of a sudden death?

Answer: The fact is, that we do not know at all what causes the death of any person. This is why it is very difficult for us to sort such things out. After all, death is not a consequence of life. It is a transition to another state.

Question: What is the reason for a short life that  might last several days, months, or years? Why should nature give birth to some kind of organism for it to stop its life in a short time?

Answer: Nature does not judge a person by the number of years he lives. In it, we all exist in the form of inclusion in one common, integral system. Depending on how we interact in this system, there is more or less need for our presence. Based on this, we flow through our life and end it.

Question: You say that death is a transition to the next stage of perception of reality. Nature does it for us. Can a person do it himself, consciously?

Answer: Yes. It is said: “See your world during your lifetime.” You can change your nature by rising above egoism and including yourself in the upper force of nature to such an extent that material life will no longer be important or the main, determining thing for you.

That is, before the physical body dies, the person will already be in the next state of consciousness.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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The Method Of Fulfilling Desires

712.03Comment: Recently, a survey was conducted: “Do you believe that if you only wish something very strongly, it will come true?” Many responded, “Of course not.” Those who believe in the infinite power of the mind and of our consciousness claim. “Of course.” They say there is a method that helps them fulfill their desires: to call out to the universe to help them. They call this manifesting desires through visualization. The principle of visualization is the link between the unlimited force of our thoughts and the universe, which is ready to offer gifts to anyone who asks correctly.

My Response: Connecting to the universe is very helpful. It is more helpful than connecting to people. Connecting to the universe is helpful if you believe that it is your reflection. If you wish to impose yourself on it and you want to express yourself in it, which is possible, by doing so you totally annul yourself and merge with it.

Then a real merging with the world, with the universe, takes place, and a person feels that everything around him is one system in which he exists and which seemingly sustains him, and he can reflect himself on it.

He begins to perceive the whole universe, the whole creation, the whole world, exactly like himself. He feels that everything is him, that his whole internal world is not expressed through the whole universe, through the stars, through space, through the planets, but that everything is the expression of his internal attributes, and so he wants to feel all of them as one united, integral, eternal, whole, as the expression of his corrected self.

If a person adapts himself, and unites with the universe, he begins to feel the spirit that fills space, the state of the thought that is the whole universe, because the whole universe, the planets, space, the stars, are but a thought. This is the proof or the expression of the thought of creation with regard to us. If I try to identify with it, to connect to it, to unite with the whole universe, I begin to perceive its internal meaning, and then I can connect to it.

Comment: A person is seemingly made of a wrapping of problems, thoughts that he is clothed in.

My Response: This is the reason that we say that we need to do it in a special state, gradually. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how we need to undress in front the universe and gradually take off our egoistic clothing. We can attain that by training in a group, where a person puts others in his place, and is thus ready to identify with the whole universe. It is possible. In order to do so we actually need to work seriously and to exert ourselves with the friends.

We can reach the level in which we can penetrate the universe through mutual connection with people. As strange as it may seem, it is actually the principle of “love thy friend as thyself” that is the key to the revelation of the universe.

It is hard work, but interesting and exciting, fascinating and special. This is man’s work!
From KabTV’s “The News with Michael Laitman” 12/2/18

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