Death Is A Transition To Another State

627.2Question: I understand the aging process that ends with death. And what is the point of a sudden death?

Answer: The fact is, that we do not know at all what causes the death of any person. This is why it is very difficult for us to sort such things out. After all, death is not a consequence of life. It is a transition to another state.

Question: What is the reason for a short life that  might last several days, months, or years? Why should nature give birth to some kind of organism for it to stop its life in a short time?

Answer: Nature does not judge a person by the number of years he lives. In it, we all exist in the form of inclusion in one common, integral system. Depending on how we interact in this system, there is more or less need for our presence. Based on this, we flow through our life and end it.

Question: You say that death is a transition to the next stage of perception of reality. Nature does it for us. Can a person do it himself, consciously?

Answer: Yes. It is said: “See your world during your lifetime.” You can change your nature by rising above egoism and including yourself in the upper force of nature to such an extent that material life will no longer be important or the main, determining thing for you.

That is, before the physical body dies, the person will already be in the next state of consciousness.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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