The Method Of Fulfilling Desires

712.03Comment: Recently, a survey was conducted: “Do you believe that if you only wish something very strongly, it will come true?” Many responded, “Of course not.” Those who believe in the infinite power of the mind and of our consciousness claim. “Of course.” They say there is a method that helps them fulfill their desires: to call out to the universe to help them. They call this manifesting desires through visualization. The principle of visualization is the link between the unlimited force of our thoughts and the universe, which is ready to offer gifts to anyone who asks correctly.

My Response: Connecting to the universe is very helpful. It is more helpful than connecting to people. Connecting to the universe is helpful if you believe that it is your reflection. If you wish to impose yourself on it and you want to express yourself in it, which is possible, by doing so you totally annul yourself and merge with it.

Then a real merging with the world, with the universe, takes place, and a person feels that everything around him is one system in which he exists and which seemingly sustains him, and he can reflect himself on it.

He begins to perceive the whole universe, the whole creation, the whole world, exactly like himself. He feels that everything is him, that his whole internal world is not expressed through the whole universe, through the stars, through space, through the planets, but that everything is the expression of his internal attributes, and so he wants to feel all of them as one united, integral, eternal, whole, as the expression of his corrected self.

If a person adapts himself, and unites with the universe, he begins to feel the spirit that fills space, the state of the thought that is the whole universe, because the whole universe, the planets, space, the stars, are but a thought. This is the proof or the expression of the thought of creation with regard to us. If I try to identify with it, to connect to it, to unite with the whole universe, I begin to perceive its internal meaning, and then I can connect to it.

Comment: A person is seemingly made of a wrapping of problems, thoughts that he is clothed in.

My Response: This is the reason that we say that we need to do it in a special state, gradually. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how we need to undress in front the universe and gradually take off our egoistic clothing. We can attain that by training in a group, where a person puts others in his place, and is thus ready to identify with the whole universe. It is possible. In order to do so we actually need to work seriously and to exert ourselves with the friends.

We can reach the level in which we can penetrate the universe through mutual connection with people. As strange as it may seem, it is actually the principle of “love thy friend as thyself” that is the key to the revelation of the universe.

It is hard work, but interesting and exciting, fascinating and special. This is man’s work!
From KabTV’s “The News with Michael Laitman” 12/2/18

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