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The #Coronavirus pandemic must make us feel that our troubles are a result of our enmity. We must tie together the physical and emotional states. Our distance and inability to feel one another emotionally and how wonderful it is to be unified is the cause of all our misfortunes.

The problem stems from the upper degree, where we are bonded together, so as to show us that we must unite.
If we draw closer together, the pandemic will lessen. If we fall back into the ego, the pandemic will return. Thus the Creator will teach us to strive toward the connection between us and Him.

The virus doesn’t destroy, but as it captures the globe, it paralyzes our life, and in so doing, draws all the attention to itself. It stems from a spiritual degree, from the end program of our common correction. That is what makes it special and why it casts everyone in dismay.
From Twitter, 9/20/20

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Rosh HaShanah Convention “Day Three” – 9/20/20

Rosh HaShanah Convention 2020, Preparation for the Lesson 4

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Rosh HaShanah Convention 2020, Lesson 4

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Rosh HaShanah Convention 2020, Preparation for the Lesson 5

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Rosh HaShanah Convention 2020, Lesson 5

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Consulting With The Collective

284Question: Are there such decisions that a person can make alone without asking anyone?

Answer: If his or her decision matches the decision of the collective, then one can make it single-handedly.

Question: If I need to make a simple personal decision, for example, to buy a house, then I do not need to consult the collective, do I?

Answer: It would be nice. Why not? It could be that they give you a cue and you will understand “Indeed, look at what I was aiming for?! Why do I need such a house? For what?”

I am for a collective. However, on the other hand, you can ask how much this obligates me after I found out their opinion. This is already another matter.

Question: And how much does it obligate?

Answer: It is beneficial to consult with the collective in everything. Although, you still need to come to the final decision by yourself. But you need to understand on the basis of what criteria you accept either their decision or your original one.

I think it is better to make mistakes together with the collective than to be right alone because in any case your common movement is going toward connection.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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“Blazes Of Hate Are Hotter Than Fire” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Blazes of Hate Are Hotter than Fire

Somehow, the blazes on the West Coast, which have by now spread across the western half of the US from Montana to Texas, seem to have toned down the heated election bickering, the hopeless battle against Covid-19, and even the tragedy that this hurricane season is unleashing in the states along the Gulf of Mexico. But unless we realize that the blazes, the storms, the virus, the racial tensions, and the violence on America’s streets and in American homes come from the same source, things will only get worse, as hard as it may be to imagine.

The hatred in the hearts of too many Americans today is hotter than the blazes that are burning down the country’s most beautiful sceneries. It is setting off storms, setting the streets on fire, and pitting people against each other. Until the fire in the hearts of Americans is put out, the country will continue to fall apart.

A viewer on my Facebook page asked with resentment, “Do you pray for her (America)? Do you pray for your neighbors?” She resented what sounded like admonition and felt as though I didn’t care. I understand why she would feel that way, but the truth is quite the opposite. Since 2002, I have taken at least four long tours from coast to coast elaborating on the future that I saw for America in general, and for American Jews in particular. During all of them, my warnings were met with mockery and condescension. It didn’t stop me from trying over and over. And when I wouldn’t tour, I would write or talk about it — on my own social media pages and on every outlet that would publish my cautions. I am still doing it. Are these the actions of someone who doesn’t care? Would someone who didn’t care go out of his way, invest money, and face derision and accusations that he is unrealistic?

Even now that my warnings are coming true, some Americans choose to focus on the tone of my words rather than on their own actions. Instead of seeing that I am saying now what I have been saying for the past two decades, and that my only aim is to warn them and suggest what I believe will help them, they pick at my choice of words. It would be much more helpful to them if they looked into their own hearts and examined how they feel about each other, since this is the heart of the problem.

This is the truth. I could choose to sweet talk my readers and be a popular person, but that would not be an act of love; it would be fawning in order to win fame or money. Worse yet, it would not give my English speaking readers anything valuable to help them with the mounting crises. My gift was then what it is now: the truth. If you’ve got a blister, burst it while it’s small. It always hurts the least.
So now you know I do pray for America, and my prayer is always the same: that Americans will know the truth and have the strength and courage to act accordingly.

The hatred in the hearts of too many Americans today is hotter than the blazes that are burning down the country’s most beautiful sceneries. It is setting off storms, setting the streets on fire, and pitting people against each other. Until the fire in the hearts of Americans is put out, the country will continue to fall apart.

In the squabbles and arguments over who is right, everybody’s wrong. The only right answer is that quarrels are made in order to rise above them and make peace. Differences are made in order to help us grow up and see more views. As long as we do not understand that we cannot win the social war unless both sides unite above their hatred, and that hatred itself is the only real enemy, the troubles will keep coming faster and more intense.

This is true for America as it is true for everywhere else. But right now, America is burning, drowning, dying by gunfire, and filling its hospitals with Covid patients. And since Americans are aching, my heart goes out to them. I pray for them and wish them the best: to see the truth and to have the courage to unite above hatred.

Self Love

565.01Question: The quotation attributed to Buddha, “If you truly love yourself, you would never harm another,” seems to be a simple wisdom. What can you say about it?

Answer: If you really love yourself and understand what kind of world you live in, the integral world, how much it is all interconnected, then you will not harm others because in this way you indirectly harm yourself.

Question: Why did you just connect “love yourself” with “the integral world”? After all, to love oneself is an egoistic desire.

Answer: But if the world is integral and you influence the world negatively, then it comes back to you.

Question: That is, I feel that it comes back to me? So if I love myself, then I will not do evil to another person because it will return to me?

Answer: Yes. If the world is integral, then harming oneself or others are one and the same thing.

Question: And in loving myself I still do evil to another person?

Answer: I also harm myself this way.

Question: Does this mean that everything comes back? Does the boomerang effect exist?

Answer: Because the world is closed. It is round.

Question:  What do you have to say about another quotation attributed to Buddha: “Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.”

Answer: In principle, this is also true.

Question: So I should be grateful no matter what I have. Even if I am in the worst condition, I should still rise to the level of gratitude?

Answer: Gratitude is a prerequisite for receiving the feeling of happiness, the feeling of the light.

Question: How can I be grateful if I feel so bad? It is just impossible!

Answer: It depends on your perception of the world. Why is it so bad? Try to raise yourself anyway.

Question: Even in this state, I am obliged to reach gratitude?

Answer: Gratitude must be present in any state. Even a second before death.

Question: Do all prayers begin with gratitude?

Answer: Of course. And if there is no such attitude, then to whom do you pray?

Question: The state is high, of course! So whatever my condition is, I first give thanks?

Answer: Yes. But this is because you divide yourself into two parts: dark and light, suffering and thanksgiving.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/15/20

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Rich And Poor

273.02Question: After reading your books, I realized that you are not a socialist and you are not going to take property from the rich. But why would the rich start to pay scholarships for 80% of the population for their studies?

Answer: Naturally, such a gesture on the part of the rich cannot be voluntary at first. But, like during the revolution, these things are dictated by necessity. One person cannot have a billion while another does not have enough money until the end of the week to feed his family. This is a clear imbalance. Therefore, it will be necessary to balance these relations.

At first, it is necessary to force our relationship to a completely different structure—what is “money – commodity – money”?

As a result, a law must be adopted according to which everyone will receive a certain quantity of funds necessary for him, sufficient for a dignified existence. This will be accompanied by a commitment to work for the community in accordance with the capabilities of the individual and at the same time receive training in proper parenting.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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The Dependence Of The Individual Soul On The General Soul

571.02Question: What are the limitations on the individual soul as part of the general soul, and how is its dependence on the general soul expressed?

Answer: An individual soul develops only to the volume that is necessary for its restoration in the general soul. If we take an individual soul, female or male, we will see that the phases of its development always take place in the general picture of the soul of Adam and not in any other way.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/16/18

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Guide For Round Tables, Part 5

528.01Fulfill the Highest Law of Nature

Question: As a rule, you do not recommend telling people about yourself and your family during round tables, especially if they are strangers. They should try to speak only from the level of their commonality and unity and not go into any stories. Why? Can’t personal information somehow unite and increase the connection between people?

Answer: I don’t think it’s necessary. I do not know what questions you are going to solve in your circles, but I mean that questions of attainment of the upper world will be resolved. By combining the desires and aspirations of the participants of the round table, a new spiritual platform will be created above our world to solve the problems of spiritual connection, above our desires and ordinary aspirations. In this way we will come to their solution and to the revelation of the upper world in our feelings.

Remark: But we’re talking about people who aren’t working right now. They are stressed, feeling some uncertainty, and have come to our course in order to improve their lives.

My Comment: Then they need to be told that the next stage in the development of human society is to unite people, which will save them from stress and help them go the right way. In the end, we must fulfill the highest law of nature—the law of global connection.

After this explanation, it will become clear to them that we are getting together to conduct workshops on connection and we will gradually come to it.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

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“In The Sweat Of Thy Face Shalt Thou Eat Bread”

600.02Question: How would you explain the expression from the Torah, “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread”?

Answer: The Torah refers not to the corporeal, but to the spiritual component of the work. In order to correct our egoism and make a person into a social element, which considers the connection of society and the similarity with integral nature as one of the highest values, we will have to work very seriously and deeply on ourselves.

The work here is not limited by anything, and we must do it. Its implementation will determine the state of humanity in the new era.

Question: Does “In the sweat of thy face” mean the inner work of a person with his egoism? Not to use other people for one’s own benefit?

Answer: Yes. And not only that.

Question: What is “shalt thou eat bread?”

Answer: Bread symbolizes the quality of bestowal, something we must procure. However, it is very difficult to procure this quality.

Question: Do I, at the same time, receive pleasure from bestowing to others?

Answer: From the fact that you are bestowing, because you feel that society needs you, you take care of society. All this is our task and our work.

Question: Does it mean that we need to work hard on our egoism in order to receive pleasure from bestowing to people?

Answer: Yes, but not for the sake of receiving pleasure.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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