My Thoughts On Twitter 9/14/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Scientists cannot offer a solution to the Coronavirus, we ought not rely on a vaccine. This pandemic isn’t like the previous localized ones: those weren’t aimed at correcting the last generation, stemming from the general force (Mashiach).
Today, it is working on all of humanity for the first time!

The spiritual world isn’t found in three dimensional coordinates. It has no axes, but is like a sphere. By awakening a single cell, we activate, animate all creation. Then we will see that all of the universe’s endless spaces, all the galaxies amount to nothing as we will enter completely different dimensions.

The most vibrant combinations and delicate aromas, all of the beauty of scrutinies is achieved by adding additional tens. As in our world, there is a foundation that is essential, but beauty is achieved thanks to additions and spices that add flavor, aroma, color.

The Creator’s revelations happens both on a quantitative, as well as qualitative levels. The power of the revelation is determined by our success in expanding our Kli, adding more tens to it. The quality of the revelation grows as well; the main Kli is clothed with additional ones, adding partials to the essential note.

To the extent that we unite in the ten, we will begin to feel the necessity of attaching to ourselves more and more tens, expanding the boundaries of our unity, because this is the only way we can draw ever closer to the Creator.

The ego (Pharaoh) has developed so much that its authority is turning from pleasant to unbearable, and is thus forcing us to seek a way to escape it.
From Twitter, 9/14/20

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