What Determines The Transformation Of Society?

023Question: How did the consumer society appear? After all, the desire to consume was created in people artificially through advertising, mass media, etc.

While in the past exploiters paid people so that they could survive, now they purposely pay more so that they can wander in malls. Surely this was done on purpose.

Answer: This is how man’s egoism was used. Now it has taken on other forms. People have changed. Today you can do somewhat different metamorphoses with them.

Remark: If the rich of this world have created this consumer society, then they themselves must change it.

My Comment: Those capitalists are gone. They are already different too.

Remark: But people who have billions today can create a new society you are talking about if they see benefit for themselves.

My Comment: I think it will not come from them. I do not expect anything good from people who hold on to their wealth and power. They cannot change because they were created that way.

Remark: It is difficult to understand how the transformation of society can take place, if not from the levers that authorities and the rich have.

My Comment: It comes from the inside. A man himself changes and changes society. Look at the new generation, how it differs from the past one. It will take a few more years, and all this will change anyway.

Question: Do you think that the economy changes because a man’s internal needs change?

Answer: The virus will help us. It will speed up this process.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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