The End Of The Era Of Consumption

961.1Question: The economy is a reflection of social relations between people. Therefore, the economic crisis can be called a crisis of our relations, a crisis of trust.

The modern economy is built on the premise of  “the most benefits with the least effort.” Thus, somebody’s gain turns into someone else’s loss.

In an integral world in which everyone is interconnected and initially unequal causes even greater inequality. Is it possible to change this formula somehow?

Answer: Only through education. Everything can change if we show and create conditions for people to work for the good of society even though it contradicts their nature. For the good of society!

And so, part of the payment for their work that they do not receive physically, they would receive morally. That is, society would reward people who work for the good of society with its special attitude toward them.

Remark: The current economy is based on a constant increase in consumption. Previously, workers and peasants were forced to work for 10 to 12 hours, and then their exploiters had an idea: “Why should they? Let them work 8 hours and we will pay them so that they go and buy.” This is how a consumer society in which people earn from each other appeared.

But this society is crumbling today. Something has happened, and if I do not buy from you and you do not buy from me, the economy will fall.

My Comment: Because the current economy is built not on producing the necessities, but on the earnings from each other, we have moved to a completely different level of communication: money—goods—money.

Question: What can serve as fuel or motivation for working in a society in which people stop buying and exchanging services?

Answer: They do not need them. They will instinctively, automatically stop buying because there is no point in buying what they already have. The world is filled with completely unnecessary goods.

Question: That is, only necessities will remain?

Answer: It depends on the education of people but, in principle, yes. And if not, then another virus will come. Nature will correct us. We will no longer be able to go on vacations to distant islands, fly around the world in airplanes, and travel.

We begin to somehow wean ourselves from this. A new generation with different needs is born. They do not want to run around the world like their parents did. They are not interested in traveling around the cities of the world, visiting temples, going sightseeing.

The young generation does not need this. I look at them and I am surprised at their inner calmness. When I visit various cities of the world, I sit down next to them on the steps of ancient buildings, talk to them, and I see that it does not matter to them at all who built those stones, those walls, who painted those paintings. And it is not that they do not know or do not want to know, it just does not fit their interests.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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