To Be Worthy Of The Name “Sons Of Baruch”

961.2Today is a special day in memory of my teacher, Rabash, the anniversary of his departure (Yahrzeit). But in fact, this day cannot be called special because we are always in connection with Rabash, with his high spirit, his path.

It is not customary among Kabbalists, like ordinary people, to grieve for the deceased, for his body no longer being near us. After all, he is connected with us even more than during the life of the physical body because we are filled with his spirit, and day by day we try to cleave to his words, to his message, to his soul.

Therefore, it remains only to thank the Creator for sending us such a soul, which has become our guide on the spiritual path, leads us and guides us. Through Rabash, the Creator fills us and manages us.

First of all, of course, we should be grateful to the Creator, and after Him to this great soul Rabash for his efforts to build the Kabbalistic group Bnei Baruch in order to convey to us all the wisdom of Kabbalah and the method of correction with the help of which we can achieve merging with Creator.

That is why I named our group Bnei Baruch (Sons of Baruch) in honor of Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag. Let’s hope that we will be able to justify the name we have taken and implement its methodology right up to the very purpose of creation.

Kabbalists usually do not celebrate the day of remembrance as it is customary, to commemorate the deceased on this day and gather at his grave. We understand that a person is not where his body is buried. Our thoughts are directed in a completely different direction.

Baal HaSulam said that it did not matter to him where his sack of bones will be buried because the soul is not connected with material remains. We want to cleave to the soul of Rabash and that is why we attach such importance to the day of his memory because this is an occasion, a special opportunity, to get even closer to his spirit and to further advance in his path to the Creator.

Of course, we celebrate this special day of memory of Rabash, but we associate it more with the spiritual path he paved.

I chose this name Bnei Baruch for our Kabbalistic group because Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag is our spiritual father, which means that we are his sons. Therefore, I had no doubt that we should be called Sons of Baruch. I was hoping that we could be worthy of this name.

I was with my teacher for twelve years and felt like a small child growing up next to an adult. He seemed huge to me, and I tried to hold on to him all the time as a child clings to a father. Therefore, I did not have to look for this name; it came to me naturally, by itself.

Our center is located on the street named after Rabash. Petach Tikva now has a street named after him, and the building of the Bnei Baruch center is located on this street. Every day we study his articles, his methodology, and we get everything from him. It is clear that Baal HaSulam stands behind Rabash, but he is extremely high, like endless space. And Rabash is closer to us. He is like a father to us.

Baal HaSulam is followed by Baal Shem Tov, then the Ari, and then Rabbi Shimon, the author of The Book of Zohar. Through this chain, we receive all our sources for studying Kabbalah. Rabash and Baal HaSulam are two people the Creator gave us so that we could approach Him.

I am grateful to my disciples for the fact that they have received from the Creator the desire to accept this material, to bind themselves to the goal of creation, and to try to achieve it. Thank you!
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/20, “Memorial Day for Rav Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag (Rabash)”

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My Thoughts On Twitter 9/28/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

On this day of judgment, #YomKippur, we must decide how to act. The world is in dire need of unity.
On this Yom Kippur, I wish for our hearts to open to one another. To draw closer instead of distance further. To unite into one heart, a single whole. And for this to be our Day of Judgment!

On #YomKippur, one must gather his thoughts and rise slightly above his ego, his prejudices and habits, and try to judge himself objectively: that he is not connected with others with good bonds, that he’s indifferent toward others, doesn’t think about tomorrow and disregards this for himself and for others.

After all the suffering and scrutinies, we will discover that the good mutual connection (mutual guarantee) is the only means of escaping all woes. Despite ourselves, we will discover that the precept of “Love your neighbor as yourself” is a condition of life. This is the example we will give to one another!

Bnei Baruch does not oppose protests. We oppose the growth of mutual hatred among the people. This is because our nation is endowed with a special task: to show humanity how to unite above mutual enmity. After all, our nation is the mini version of all the nations of the world so we must achieve peace amongst ourselves!

Nature’s law obligates us to mutual guarantee above all contradictions. We must achieve and build love above all contractions. When, instead of organizing love, I see mutual hatred among those organizing protests, I see them lining up for imminent destruction…

In the past, nature developed us by pushing us forward. Today, nature comes out to meet us, preventing us from developing, pushing us into the higher dimension.
From Twitter, 9/28/20

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Are There Conflicts In Nature?

630.1Question: In psychology, conflict is defined as a contradiction, a lack of agreement, between two or more parties. Conflicts exist not only between civilizations, states, nations, religions, but also within a person himself. Especially now when the world is in crisis.

How would you define conflict? What is its essence? Are there conflicts in nature?

Answer: The entire nature of our world is built upon conflicts, upon the combination of two opposites, to what extent, being against each other, they can win, influence, destroy, or, conversely, be in a certain balance. If you think about whether it is possible at all to exist outside of conflicts, then you can come to the conclusion that nothing can be done, this is our life, and we must be in greater and greater disagreement among ourselves until the end of time.

However, the wisdom of Kabbalah does not think so. It says that, on one hand, our nature is a terrible egoistic desire of each and everyone to rule over others, which is the cause of all kinds of conflicts. But, on the other hand, we have the opportunity to educate ourselves so that from these opposites we can reach mutual agreement, and over all conflicts stretch a network of connections, as it is written: “Love covers all transgressions.” Then we can live on good terms with each other.

We could never achieve this. To be honest, we have not even tried to implement this technique. But it does exist.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/16/20

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Guide For Round Tables, Part 9

530Rise Above Opposite Opinions

Remark: When talking in circles, rejection is very common, especially if someone says things that are contrary to my opinion.

My Comment: You should be happy to identify opposing opinions because by rising above them, we can reach the next level of problem solving.

As much as I think that the problem is unsolvable, as much as I feel that we are not able to rise above it due to huge contradictions, we should understand that this problem has a special mission, a special value.

If we can’t come to a common agreement, we must continue to work on it with respect for this problem because in the end it can take us to the next level of completely different solutions, different states.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

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Will Connection Between People Change In The Future?

592.01Question: Today the world has become more complex, and I can enjoy all the goods and services even through an egoistic connection. Will it change in the future?

Answer: The connection itself will change. It should not be coerced in order to make money from each other, but conscious in order to provide for each other.

Question: Let’s say that millions of people who produced coffee worked just to earn money. They were thinking not about me, but about their wages. Yet, I received this product.

You are saying that in the future our intention will change, what we are working for? What will happen? Will I feel this somehow when I drink coffee?

Answer: First of all, it is not about coffee. The earth can feed not only 8 billion, but 30 to 40 billion people. Moreover, feed them well. It can also dress them and provide them with shoes, and give everyone a normal home that they are accustomed to, give a system of education and upbringing for their children, and so on. We can provide ourselves with all this without any problems.

The problem is not to produce unnecessary things, not to deplete the Earth, and to work for the sake of making us all comfortable, good, and safe. This is what we must aim for, and in this we must invest tremendous internal forces, not physical, but moral.

Here we begin to bump into our egoism, which places us against each other and does not allow us to be kind to each other. Therefore, we need a common education, a common movement toward a common goal—to make from humanity an integral system.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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Do Corporeal Senses Change In Spirituality?

961.2Question: How do my corporeal senses change in spirituality, and will they become coarser or more sensitive?

Answer: The corporeal senses practically do not change. As you were like an animal, you will remain an animal. When you reveal the upper world, only your spiritual attainment changes, which is a very significant addition that begins to lead you forward.

Your corporeal aspirations, on the other hand, will necessarily be only in order to survive, and it doesn’t even matter how. What do you really need? A bed, a fridge, a table, a chair, and a computer to study Kabbalah. If in addition to that you also need to work, then work. Do you need a family? You will have a family and you will take care of it. But all this is secondary.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 10/7/18

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