Guide For Round Tables, Part 6

528.04Attributes of the Round Table

Question: Usually the discussion during round tables takes place in a circle from right to left. Why?

Answer: This is the order: The right side is the beginning, the left side is the end. Starting from the right side, we bring everything to the end, and then the left side becomes the right. The right is considered perfection, the left isn’t perfect.

Remark: How important in a circle are attributes such as a clock for time regulation and an object that gives you the right to speak?

My Comment: This is very important for people. There must be some external signs that remind us of the format in which we have gathered. For example, a pencil that is passed around in a circle, symbolizing that a person now has the right of speech and can speak.

It is also important to introduce a time limit because there are people who can talk endlessly and there are those who are mostly silent. Therefore, it is desirable that there should be an hourglass, and everyone should be given, for example, a minute to express their opinion.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

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