Guide For Round Tables, Part 4

528.04Time for Adaptation

Question: There are clear rules and principles of the round table under which you can achieve a positive result.

First, external conditions: participants turn off their mobile phones and make sure that nothing distracts or interferes with them. They do not leave their seats during the discussion, only when necessary. It is very important that they are not joined by unprepared people.

Second: everyone discusses one common topic chosen in advance and carefully listens to the questions of the moderator without deviating from the topic of discussion.

Third: each participant expresses his or her opinion, and this contributes to the common decision. On the other hand, there are people who passively participate in these processes. Naturally, we cannot make them talk. How should the moderator and all other participants react to his silence?

Answer: We’ll have to get his opinion out of him somehow or not consider him present.

Question: Can he be given some time to start with?

Answer: Time is given to everyone for adaptation, for mutual inclusion, for understanding the problem, for correctly expressing their opinion, etc. These are problems of internal and external organization of each one and everyone together. But, in general, a person must understand that they must participate in this experiment, and we need to bring them to this with all seriousness.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

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