The Life Of A Person Who Has A Sixth Sense

laitman_277Question: How will my life change when I attain a sixth sense? What will I feel?

Answer: The sixth sense is the attribute of bestowal that also is divided into five types of senses. We feel this world through five physical senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, on the other hand, enables us to develop an additional sense that also is divided into sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, but on a spiritual level.

This additional sense enables me to feel the upper reality, a broader scope surrounding our world. Then, I can feel how I mutually participate with the upper force and understand the reason for everything that happens in our world.

I understand why the upper force turns to me or to others, and how I should respond to it properly in order to avoid the negative development of events and even to change things for the better and correct them.

By using the sixth sense, the attribute of bestowal, I discover the root of different phenomena that dress in matter before they reach our world.

Question: Will I become a different person then? How will it affect the life of my children and my nearby environment?

Answer: I can explain that by giving an example from our world. Suppose you are a psychologist, but you are also a mother and have a family and children. You understand people’s behavior and all the calculations and actions they make and the reason for the relationships among the family members.

In that case, you respond to what is happening not like an ordinary woman, but you can explain many things, understand, and justify them. This means that you feel life on a much deeper level.

This is exactly how a Kabbalist feels life, but much more deeply. Besides that, unlike a psychologist who only can explain the reason for what happens, a Kabbalist also actually can change our lives.

A Kabbalist sees the deepest reasons for what happens in our lives that are above time, motion, and place that stem from beyond the framework of our world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 8/16/15

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