The Approaching Storm

Dr. Michael LaitmabnOpinion (livejournal): “A series of steps are being taken in the world economy to return the dollars that are roaming the world to the United States. The collapse of the Chinese stock index is the way to be released from surpluses of the dollar mass itself, and the matter is correct even in Europe.

“After that the American indices will begin to dive. The moment that the speculative money market goes (meaning that it has the ability to move), it will be possible to approach the elimination of the debt market of the United States.

“And so we have arranged some brief summaries:

  1. The beginning of the disintegration of the global financial system based upon the dollar has begun.
  2. All money is returning to its place of origin.
  3. Money that returns to the United States will be lost along with the debt market.
  4. Money that returns to Japan will cover the loans.
  5. Money that returns to Europe will be lost with the banks.
  6. The debt market of Europe will collapse.

“The storm will begin when following stock indices the debt markets will collapse, then the value of gold and silver will soar.”

My Comment: It is not important, in principle, on what scenario the reorganization of the world will happen. We need to clarify our knowledge so that people will begin to understand the program of nature (the Creator), and in what manner we must follow it. It is not like in the past where we focused on commercial and financial relationships, rather we must specifically prepare new social relationships and connections as in one unified society. After that, from them we must build new connections in all the other areas of our activities.

That is, first must be a change in the person, and only after that can we build a new society. And we must not repeat the mistakes of the Bolsheviks who forcibly commanded people into communal apartments and collective farms.

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