My Thoughts On Twitter 9/28/20

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On this day of judgment, #YomKippur, we must decide how to act. The world is in dire need of unity.
On this Yom Kippur, I wish for our hearts to open to one another. To draw closer instead of distance further. To unite into one heart, a single whole. And for this to be our Day of Judgment!

On #YomKippur, one must gather his thoughts and rise slightly above his ego, his prejudices and habits, and try to judge himself objectively: that he is not connected with others with good bonds, that he’s indifferent toward others, doesn’t think about tomorrow and disregards this for himself and for others.

After all the suffering and scrutinies, we will discover that the good mutual connection (mutual guarantee) is the only means of escaping all woes. Despite ourselves, we will discover that the precept of “Love your neighbor as yourself” is a condition of life. This is the example we will give to one another!

Bnei Baruch does not oppose protests. We oppose the growth of mutual hatred among the people. This is because our nation is endowed with a special task: to show humanity how to unite above mutual enmity. After all, our nation is the mini version of all the nations of the world so we must achieve peace amongst ourselves!

Nature’s law obligates us to mutual guarantee above all contradictions. We must achieve and build love above all contractions. When, instead of organizing love, I see mutual hatred among those organizing protests, I see them lining up for imminent destruction…

In the past, nature developed us by pushing us forward. Today, nature comes out to meet us, preventing us from developing, pushing us into the higher dimension.
From Twitter, 9/28/20

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