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Man is always inside the Creator, as an embryo is inside the mother.
One just needs to feel WHAT the Creator “is telling him”—this is the highest state!

If we grow up, nature won’t have to punish us. We would participate in our own development, would be fully responsible for each other, and we would find a true goal in mutual guarantee. The essence of man is not to be free from nature, but to consciously align with it.

As a result of the impact of the coronavirus, we will inevitably start thinking of our interdependence and begin realizing our mutual responsibility.
Baal HaSulam: “Nature, as a competent judge, punishes us taking into account our development.”

How to protect them? The virus reminds us that we’re completely dependent. It carries information that allows the biosphere to maintain systemic balance. When we don’t create the right connection between us, the virus does so on a biological level—forcing us to care about others.

Suddenly I fell into a dangerous dependence on other people. True, they depend on me too, but that doesn’t make it any easier on me. And if others are not conscious not to infect me, I will get infected from them, it’s almost impossible to protect oneself from it. And all my loved ones are also in danger.

Currently, disseminating the method of correction of man and all of mankind may seem to us a heavy burden. But as we advance, we’ll understand that this is what gives pleasure to the Creator, and if we feel Him as great, then we will gladly bear this burden and feel no heaviness.

Lesson after lesson, gathering after gathering, we will feel more and more that there are a vast number of people, humanity, that our group has to lead. Like a locomotive that pulls the whole train of many cars to the goal.

We are given a chance to become Adam, similar to the Creator, and pull all of humanity towards correction. This is our work, thus we are called servants of the Creator. This is a very high privilege, a special and honorable mission. If a person neglects it, he gets replaced…

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah (New year), I would like to wish everyone what we lack the most—connection, closeness between us, love. This always saves our people, it is in the codex, in the record, in the chromosomes of the nation itself.

There is no sense of the Creator, no faith, so no one to stop me. I cannot act differently because if the Creator does not rule over me, then I’m under the control of the evil inclination—egoism! Thus, I ask the Creator to rule over me. This is my main request!

“Let me feel You and I will change!” This is exactly what one should say to the Creator, this is the right request and true remorse. For what was the reason I committed the crime? Because there was no sense of the Creator called Faith.

Did I do anything? I didn’t do anything, it was all the Creator. And He did it on purpose, so that I would know what I need to correct. I take this evil, the crime that has now been revealed, and begin to correct it. My whole aspiration is forward, not backward…

We don’t bring up the past or apologize for it. I must realize not what happened earlier, but the fact that I do not seek correction now, nor demand the Creator’s help in this. I want to move forward, not dig into the past, shedding tears about what I did…

“Let me feel You and I will change!”—this is what one should say to the Creator, this is the right request and remorse. I commit crimes because there is no sense of the Creator, no faith, and no one to stop me. I cannot act differently because if the Creator does not rule, then it’s the evil inclination!

Rosh Hashanah (New year)—time to ask the Creator for forgiveness for our sins. I feel that I do not have a sense of importance or greatness of the Creator, for this I repent. After all, if I felt the Creator as great and important I would have behaved differently. My only lack is the feeling of the Creator…

People, and the whole world, do not understand how the upper governance of nature (the Creator) transitions us to a new mode of relations through quarantine, by restructuring of society, production, trade, through limiting (normalizing) consumption in balance with nature…
From Twitter, 9/22/20

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