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The correction of the creation, the soul of Adam, is in the unity of the creatures, mutual guarantee, in the realization of the commandment “Love your neighbor” and beyond, from the love of the creatures to the love of the Creator, the goal of our development. This is how we come to the goal of creation—in similarity of qualities of the Creator, love, and adhesion with Him.

Our transgression is neglecting the desire for connection with others, and not turning to the Creator for help with this. The purpose of creation is only to unite the creatures in a single desire to unite in the Creator. From individual tens to a single ten that includes all of humanity. This is the extent of our connection to the Creator!

In this New Year, a new state of reality is revealed. After 5,780 years of development, humanity is able to rise to the first spiritual degree. The first tens are opening the door and entering, pulling the whole world with them. Let’s be prepared with the weight of responsibility confidence, and mutual guarantee.

This New Year differs from all the previous ones in that the Creator begins to clearly treat the world as a whole. And we need to treat Him the same way, turning to the Creator as the whole world, pulling the whole world to this goal set for us by the Creator.

“The coronavirus outbreak is getting out of control,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis unlike any other.
This is true: we have entered a period of correction of humanity through good or evil. The method of correction is Kabbalah. Better not to delay!

But what must I build? From what to distance and to what to draw closer? That is why the new year is preceded by the period of Selichot (repentances) in which I scrutinize my egoistic qualities. I want to go from reception to bestowal, from an animal mind to faith above reason, the Creator’s mind.
From Twitter, 9/21/20

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