A Disease That Cures

294.2For quite some time we have been in a full-scale crisis that affects all areas of our lives. All the customary ways of life have crumbled before our eyes and now we need to build some new reality.

We are not yet able to stop this crisis and turn it into positive changes. We can neither return to the old state nor move forward to a new good future. We have no control over this situation at all, and therefore, it is very early to talk about the end of this crisis.

So far, we are not aware of what we are going through. Although all of humanity has been living in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic for six months, we still do not understand why it happened, where it came from, or how this blow can be softened or even eliminated. It is still unclear what the new world of the post-coronavirus era will be like.

It is too early to talk about the future if we do not comprehend the present, which does not bring joy, rather it constantly brings new restrictions and blows. If we could understand them, we would see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, there is no sign of light yet. We do not even understand the darkness we are in.

Even before the coronavirus, the world was in crisis, and there was talk of an imminent world war or environmental disasters. The situation was very problematic, after all, we did not know what to do with the young generation, with the unemployed. There were a lot of problems, and it was not clear where everything was going, like a person who does not know what illness he has, but manages to inject painkillers and to exist somehow.

Therefore, we have not yet recognized the evil of our situation enough to be able to get out of it. We are like a person who suffers from pain, but does not yet know what is wrong with him, what the cause of his illness is, and how it can be cured.

We need to collect all the available data, analyze everything that humanity has been doing for thousands of years, and try to understand what is happening to society, to the people, to the country, and to the entire Earth in general. Where can we find, if not a solution, then at least an explanation of what is happening?

The virus hits us at the biological level and also the level of society and the family. Therefore, we must try to understand the tendency: why is nature treating us this way and what can we do in order not to hide from this treatment, but to cure ourselves.

What is the purpose of the coronavirus that has  hit our society, families, children, and all our systems so hard and has paralyzed half the world? In order to find a solution, you need to know where the virus came from, for what purpose, and what to do in order to mitigate this blow and cure its consequences.

In every disease, there is a part of the recovery, every disease cures. We need to see what the coronavirus is leading us to and try to come to this healthy state ourselves. Yet, in order to do this, we need to understand this blow to its full depth on all scales. There is a force behind it that does not just want to beat us, but wants to cure us of a serious illness.

After all, even before the coronavirus, the world was gradually sliding into the abyss and it was unclear how much time it had left. It was obvious that nature was preparing a serious blow for us. I just did not expect it to be a virus, but expected some kind of social upheaval, national or environmental disasters, or an earthquake that would shake the entire earth. Or the globe could deviate slightly from its trajectory in space and endanger all of life.

The situation could have been much worse than a coronavirus epidemic. Compared to what might have happened, the coronavirus is like a mild cold. Fortunately, nature and the Creator did not use more rigid methods. After all, nature has a goal—to lead us to the correct connection. We live in a time when the Torah must be clearly implemented before the eyes of all people.

The coronavirus is the smallest blow that comes from love and mercy for people who do not understand their lives. We need to understand why we have come to such blows. Why don’t we hear the first warning of a parent, like good children, in order to change our behavior and live well, to receive gifts instead of punishment?

We do not hear nature’s warnings that we should be more integral and treat each other well. Through our behavior, we determine the behavior of all of nature, prevent it from becoming a global system and entering into balance. We throw nature out of balance, and therefore, it is clear that man is destined to suffer more than anyone else. Indeed, the blow is coming; this is not yet the end of the pandemic, and it is even not the beginning of it.

Nature will not back down. We are living in a new era of general correction. Thus, we will not be allowed to live in peace for several tens of thousands of years. Day by day, we will be revealing that we are steadily rolling downward. Nature shows us how much we oppose each other, hate each other, and repel each other. Everyone thinks only of themselves, and we cannot go on like this!

First of all, we must understand this requirement of nature. We must educate ourselves to become closer to each other until we come to complete unity: in the country, in the family, between parents and children. We need to learn to connect, and if we don’t, nature will not stop beating us.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 8/30/20

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