There Is No Way Back

627.2What is the difference between our time and all the previous periods of development that have passed on the Earth? We always tried to improve our condition and for this we forced nature to change for us, adjusting it to our needs. We did not want to change ourselves, but sought to change the world, considering ourselves the masters of nature.

We grew up this way and for this we developed science, techniques, and technology in order to change the world around us for our immediate benefits, instead of changing ourselves inside. But today we have come to a completely new state. Nature wants us to change ourselves in accordance with it, instead of getting comfortable within it.

Nature did not demand us to change ourselves before, only to adapt to the conditions set, like animals. This is how the inanimate world, plants and animals exist; they take advantage of everything in the environment to provide themselves with the most comfortable conditions.

But all this is in the past, and now we are entering a new era. Humanity does not yet realize this, but the science of Kabbalah allows us to perceive this and begin to see. Nature, the upper force, demands humans begin to change to match it. Just like in raising children, at first we do not demand anything from them. The main thing for the child is to grow up, to gain more weight, to understand more, and to know how to get settled in the environment.

But then we begin to gradually demand from children to understand what is happening, for mutual contact with the environment, and integral connection. That is, the human must reckon with nature now. Nature demands the correct development and ever greater mutuality from us. Maybe we can finally understand this and start changing ourselves.

The first congress we hold in this new era must be imbued with the spirit of the last generation, the new state. Nature does not just push us to adapt to its conditions, it demands us to make internal changes, and not due to techniques and technologies.

Our inner nature needs to be corrected. And correction is possible only through uniting, and this is what distinguishes a human from inanimate matter, plants, and animals. A person can become a part of integral nature only if he corrects his egoism.

The inanimate, plant, and animal levels act according to natural instincts. But people should study their desire to enjoy and try to bring it to harmony with nature, changing it from receiving into bestowal. Only after that will we achieve the correct connection with all levels of nature.

This is the peculiarity of the new period humanity is now entering. And this is why all attempts to return to the old lifestyle will not be crowned with success. On the contrary, we will get blows every time we try to reverse and go back. These blows will teach us and show us a new direction. Being closer to nature means achieving an integral connection, and this is the only way to come to a good state.

Otherwise nothing will help. We hope that the coronavirus sweeps over us like a tsunami wave and returns back to the sea, letting us get back to our former life. But it won’t. On the contrary, there will be wave after wave. Whenever it seems to us that we can get back to the old lifestyle, we will immediately be covered with the next wave, which will make us think not about the past, but about the future. And uniting is the only direction to the future.

The period of childhood, when nature raised us with gentle spanking, like little children, is over. The children have become adults, and it’s time to figure out what to do. Only through the connection between hearts, not through devices, humans can connect with nature and feel a new life in this new connection. This is a real revolution, both spiritual and material.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/5/20,“The Last Generation: from the Old World to the New World” (Preparation for the Virtual Convention “A New World” 2020)

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