Fetus Saves The Mother

624.03Remark: The fetus in the mother’s womb, as a rule, is under her care, love, and constantly in this environment. However, genetic scientists have found that it not only grows in love, but it itself also loves.

Scientists say, “If the mother suddenly gets sick and something happens to her, some kind of hormone is developed in the fetus, which it sends to cure the mother.” There is such a process of love.

My Comment: If they care, if they depend on each other, then naturally there is feedback.

The fetus is always trying to do everything in its power to annul itself before the mother, and by this it helps her to control it. On the other hand, the mother and the fetus send signals to each other every minute about how much they are in mutual love, consent, support, and how much they need each other. All the time! This circulation of feelings between them gives strength to the development of the fetus.

Question: Does it mean that the mother is constantly being renewed and the fetus is growing? The renewal of a woman during pregnancy—is this mutual love, the energy that enters?

Answer: Yes. The fact is that the fetus gives her so much upper, spiritual forces that almost everything is renewed because of the spiritual structure in which she exists like the Creator in regards to the creation.

Question: Is the play of the fetus in the mother and the mother like the Creator and creation?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can we reach such a state when we are inside the Creator?

Answer: We have to do this!

Question: What is it to be inside the Creator?

Answer: To be inside the Creator means to feel not yourself, but Him. That is, I annul myself completely. In the fact that I annul myself, in every parameter of my annulment, I feel His attitude to me.

Question: When you say, “I annul myself,” does this mean that my thoughts, my actions, and my behavior are in Him? He leads and I kind of give myself to Him, “Lead me.”

Answer: Yes. Absolutely. I do not even check anything in any way, I completely annul myself in advance.

Question: Can a person reach such a state?

Answer: Everyone must do it. The coronavirus will help us in this.

Question: What does it lead us to now from this point of view?

Answer: To annulling ourselves. Only if I annul myself before society, and so each of us, then society can recover and not infect each other. Through this we will come.

Question: So, do I not dispute anything? I am told to stay at home—I stay at home, to wear masks—I wear a mask, and so on.

Answer: Moreover, I think that by doing this, I do not infect others. I follow all the instructions to avoid infecting others. I think about them.

Imagine doing that. See how much the world will change. This is a different intention.

Question: Does it mean that the main idea is that I do not infect others? Does this mean that you already are quietly within the Creator?

Answer: You are not yet part of Him, but you are no longer opposite to Him. It is like Hillel said, “Do not do unto others what is hateful to you.” Then “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is already the next stage.

Question: What in this case will be “Love your neighbor as yourself”?

Answer: Make sure that he is healthy. Imagine that you are healthy and he is sick, and you give him blood, everything he needs.

Question: Do you give him everything you have? Is this “love thy neighbor as yourself”? At this moment, do you not think about yourself at all?

Answer: In no way. Then you are cured and he is cured.

Question: Don’t I even ask for his smile or some kind of “thank you”?

Answer: What are you talking about?! This is already a reward!

Question: No reward at all?

Answer: No. Nothing.

Question: Can a person reach this point?

Answer: A person can reach this and be grateful that he has this opportunity.

Question: Not to ask anything for myself and just to give everything?

Answer: Yes. It is not that far away; we can understand that.

Question: We can understand. But can we do this or not?

Answer: Slowly. Gradually, with the support of society.

Question: Do you think that is what the virus came for, to move us closer to this?

Answer: Precisely for this. Look what it is doing. This is the first blow to all of humanity in our time.

Remark: Is this the way to “Do not do unto others what is hateful to you,” then to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and then one single whole?

Answer: Yes. One humanity with one Creator. It all will be fast.

Question: Will you and I see this?

Answer: I think so, yes. I even have confidence.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/6/20

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