Now It Is Time To Act!

laitman_936Today, in connection with the epidemic, the Creator has given us a special opportunity to turn to Him. We want to give Him pleasure while giving Him the opportunity to become one with us, to fill us, and to do everything He wants with us. We are ready for anything.

The first action is to make yourself an embryo. The embryo in the mother’s womb completely cancels itself, decides nothing for itself, and gives everything up to the very last trifle to the higher authority. This is the first action that we all must achieve now: turn to the Creator together and cancel ourselves.

The Creator has sent us the coronavirus for this and has organized this whole state to help us perform this action: to turn to Him and ask for correction; that is , our association. The Creator has already prepared the whole basis for unification for us.

If we turn to Him now, we will suddenly feel how our whole world will begin to change. Material reality, social and governmental systems, and relations between people will change. We will feel ourselves in a different state as if we were in a different world. We will become more sensitive to each other, closer; we will understand that we are relating to one system and we can’t do whatever we want.

The Creator has begun to put our lives in order via the virus. We can no longer do what we want. Everyone is inclined and ready to fulfill everything that is necessary.

Therefore, it is necessary to turn to the Creator with a request to continue the corrections, to establish a relationship between us so that He can clothe Himself inside of our good relationships and reveal Himself to all of humanity. Then, of course, we are guaranteed a happy future and a good life. Now is the time to act!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/29/20, Writings of Rabash, ‘According to What Is Explained Concerning “Love Thy Friend as Thyself”’

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