The Epidemic Is Not Punishment But Remedy

laitman_961.2Throughout history, we have received many signs of attention from the Creator, the good that does good. But by existing in egoistic qualities that are opposite to the Creator, we have perceived these manifestations of love and care as blows and did not feel the need to change.

This is how loving parents push their child to learn while he only wants to play, does not listen to them, and thinks that his parents hate him.

This is exactly what is happening in the world—crises, wars, disasters, epidemics—the path of suffering that humanity has gone through. And this is because we have refused to accept the governance of the Creator as absolutely good and always bringing good, that is, to adjust ourselves to this governance.

We wanted to run away from the instructions of the Creator like children who do not listen to their parents and hide and argue all the time. This is why our life has been so bitter until today.

But now we are experiencing a special blow like no other. It comes to calm down the entire world, all of humanity, and to make us as one whole. Just as parents lose their patience and tell the children: “That is enough, calm down now!” And they take such a strict action that they actually calm down.

The upper governance is descending and closing in on us more and more, beginning to deal with us closely, individually, and directly.

Why did humanity take this blow so hard? Why does the coronavirus hold us in such fear? We are used to many people dying and being born each year in every country. Why are we so scared of this particular virus?

We know that within a hundred years the entire population of the world will change: everyone will die and new people will be born, but we do not make a tragedy out of it. The virus, however, is a psychological blow. A hidden pest is between us, we do not see or feel it, and we do not know where it will strike us from.

However, the virus really acts for our benefit by ordering us to distance ourselves from each other and not to leave the house. It is as if it tells me: “If you cannot treat each other nicely, stay at home! And if a little bit of goodness appears, you can come out but keep a distance of ten meters between you.”

The virus shows us our true relationships: that we are unable to stay together, and if we connect, we pass viruses to each other because we are egoists. This virus is the revelation of the upper governance.

The virus separates people from each other to the extent of their egoism. It forces them to stay at home instead of engaging in all sorts of useless, far-fetched things. It shows us a better kind of connection that we can have. And it did not come to harm and kill us but to organize our life correctly. This is the hand of the Creator educating us with mercy.

The epidemic is not punishment but the remedy. The virus cools down our relationships fueled by egoism, the desire to win, succeed, and exploit others for personal gain. It halts this entire race.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/20, Lesson on the Topic “Pesach (Passover)”

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